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As our readers, viewers and customers know, there is no such thing as the perfect golf club. Every player is different when it comes to their level of play, their swing and ultimately the clubs they need. Because of this, we have set certain criteria which quarterly Japanese Golf Club Rankings are based on. A combination of Market Buzz, Sales, Design Innovation, Performance, and Golfer/Customer Feedback help us in determining what we consider to be the hottest clubs at the moment.

Please keep in mind, that the clubs /products we choose don’t necessarily mean they work for every single golfer. They are however the clubs that stood out from the rest based on consolidating all of our criteria. All clubs that are still current in a brands lineup and offered through the store qualify.

JBeam Bullet Driver

JBeam introduces their new Driver called JBeam Bullet Driver, A simple design which has 450cc volume with 3 weight screws on it.

A new Driver which focuses on the Jump. The weight of the center of gravity deeply adjusts the weight of the head to make it easy for the head to swing, improving head speed and reducing side spin. 
Straight draw design model.

JBeam G-FW Fairway Wood

Introducing the all new 2018 JBeam G-FW Full Titanium Fairway Wood! Designed for two key areas, forgiveness and distance.

Its pretty clear that full titanium fairway woods dominate the rankings at TSG in most cases thanks to the extra distance they produce. Using titanium also allows the designer to redistribute weight more efficiently, provide thinner wall structures and larger head volumes.

A-Grind BX-F Fairway Wood

A-Grind BX-F Fairway Wood

A-Grind introduces their new Fairway Wood called A-Grind BX-F Fairway wood which similar to the driver, this FW is born from various feedbacks given by professionals and customers. A-grind tried to improve the feel, looks, distance, operability, details of their products.

Different from its previous models, A-Grind adopts variable weights on this series.

The feel off the face is spongy metallic as it's made with a 455 stainless steel it has a shallow center of gravity with more weight placed forward all of these are specifications geared toward the better player but don't let that scare you if you are a mid capper as I found the face profile to get the ball up in the air easier.

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Mizuno GX Fairway Wood

Mizuno GX Fairway Wood

Introducing the New Mizuno GX Fairway Wood for 2018. This is a Fairway wood which gently flies in high trajectory.

Similar to the driver,  Mizuno GX fairway woods adopt a shallow head profile to inspire confidence and to optimize forgiveness for a wide range of players.  Mizuno GX's 180cc for the 3 wood actually sits midway between a Ryoma F3 at 205cc and Modart MA01F 3 wood at 155cc. The face is made of Forged High Strength Maraging Steel and the body is cast stainless steel.    You can expect good sound and feel from these fairway woods.    It's actually hard to find a shallow fairway with just the right size.   My recollection of previous Mizuno fairways has been small and deep.  Together with the traditional but confidence-inspiring look at address,  these fairways will appeal to MP fans who seek additional forgiveness as well as beginner players who are looking for a set of clubs that they can keep and play for a long time.    The shallow profile is sure to boost confidence with your important second shots on a par 5 hole and the dual weight design will also help you hit shots with good height and optimal spin for maximum distance performance.

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Ryoma F Fairway Wood F2

Ryoma F Fairway Wood

Ryoma introduces their new Fairway Wood line up in 2017 called Ryoma F Fairway Wood

The Ryoma F Fairway Woods are available in 4 different models based on it's flex. F2, F3, F5 and F7. All made of premium forged titanium and feature a monocoque body with ultra thin walls like the driver.

Ryoma is able to fit a 65g Anti Roll Power Booster weight on the back of all the FW models.  Not only that but they also add an additional 60g weight on the front sole called the Spin Control Unit.

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Crazy CRZ Full Titan Fairway Wood,Crazy CRZ Full Titan Fairway Wood face,Crazy CRZ Full Titan Fairway Wood crown,Crazy CRZ Full Titan Fairway Wood 2,Crazy CRZ Full Titan Fairway Wood 3,Crazy CRZ Full Titan Fairway Wood face 2,Crazy CRZ Full Titan Fairway

Crazy CRZ Full Titan Fairway Wood

These are the fall rankings for TSG’s 2017 top fairway woods - To our surprise every club that made the list is produced with Titanium and the comments all praise distance.

Introducing the new Crazy CRZ Full Titanium Fairway Wood, this is the first full Ti fairway wood from CRAZY first revealed at the 2016 Japan Golf Fair at Tokyo Big Site last month. The new CRZ Ti-FW features a more shallow face profile and lower center of gravity to help the player get the ball up easier, the inner weighting produces low spin while the CG promotes a higher launch.

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JBeam G-UT Utility

Introducing the New JBeam G-UT Utility to complete The JBeam G-Series.

This Utility is made of Hyper Maraging 455SS which gives a sense of long iron when hitting the ball.

This has has 2 adjustable weight ports to fine-tune the weight, workability, and MOI.

Modart MA01H Hybrid/Utility

Modart MA01H Hybrid/Utility

Modart is a new brand that was founded by Mitsuru Suda, who serves as the President of the company as well as designer for the exquisite line of clubs. With over 10 years of experience in the golf club design industry, Mr. Suda has developed a reputation for having an eye for precision.  He has spend his years honing is skills as a club grinder under the guidance of Grind Studio master and former Fourteen top grinder Masahiro Tomaru.  After Mr. Tomaru left Fourteen, he took his place as the top grinder for Fourteen and served as the grinder for many of the Fourteen staff professionals.  

When Mr. Suda finally left Fourteen to pursue his life long dream of creating his own brand, Modart was born.  With its very high quality, all Made in Japan line of clubs, with a high price point, Mr. Suda recognizes that it is not for everyone.  His goal for his clubs were to showcase exactly what was possible for golf clubs, in terms of aesthetics, feel, and of course quality!

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Eon Sports CP1 Giga Forged Irons 5-PW ( 6pcs )

Eon Sports introduces Eon Sports CP1 Giga Forged Iron which has pocket cavity iron of L type cup face and soft iron forged body boasting SLE rule limit restitution coefficient of 0.82. It brings innovation to flight and kindness by counted design.

Fierce flying. L type cup face

C455 maraging steel excellent in repulsion power is adopted as L type cup face *. By expanding the repulsion area, we will promise high initial velocity · high trajectory flight. Furthermore, due to the thinning of the face thickness (2.2 mm), we are proud of the restitution coefficient of the SLE rule limit of 0.82.

Excellent going out. Quad Cut Sole

In addition to leading trading, polish the edge on the heel side. Boasting an outstanding omission despite its low center of gravity, it responds to all kinds of strikes and lies.

Center-of-gravity design by count

Back face shape · Weight distribution inside the pocket. Face shape, All designed individually for each count. In the long (# 5-7), hold on hold, short (# 8 - PW) emphasizes operability. In addition, with the undercut structure, the sweet area is expanded to the lower part of the face, and the gentleness up. It brings strong and stable trajectory to points of miss.

Crazy CRZ Muscle Iron 3-PW

The Crazy Original Muscle Back Iron.

The new MB is forged in Japan from S25C steel then finished and customized at the Crazy Factory in Tokyo.

A compact head with thin topline and very little offset, the MB focuses on feel and control.

A straight top line with boxy and taller toe look great at address while a rounded leading edge provides versatility in various conditions.

Yururi Flat Back Blade Iron 3-PW

Yururi Flat Back Blade Iron 3-PW

Yururi Raw Flat Back irons are some of the softest blade irons ever produced. Feel, playability and control are the key strong points for the Flat Back Blades. Yururi Flat Backs are designed with input from Japanese tour pro requests for consistent performance and consistent distance. This iron targets professional level and low handicap golfers with great ball striking skills. Sold as 3-PW heads only.

These irons conforming grooves. The head is the same as the previous model except the grooves have now been changed for competition play.

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A-Grind V2 Wedge

A-Grind introduces their new V2 Wedge or A-Grind Wedge Second Version. This wedge is produced of Soft Forged S25C from Kobe Japan.

A-Grind has created a grind called the "dropping bounce"  what this does is gives the player the option to use full or partial bounce depending on the adjustment of the hands and tilt of the club head.  It's classic teardrop shape and milled face score lines give it a strong spin.

Yururi Seida Wedge 2018

Yururi Seida Wedge 2018

Introducing Yururi Seida Wedge 2018

SEIDA – It’s kind of separate from Yururi but still all under one family, K-Gekku. The label SEIDA will become a separate line of clubs eventually currently with wedges and irons only the plan is to expand the SEIDA line up.

The original Seida also featured the large football jersey font loft on it. They reduced the size of it a bit in this latest iteration. In the above pic, the leading edge grind looks useful.

Yururi calls this ICE finish but it is commonly known as arakenma + satin. This time Yururi is using spin welded hosels in this model as Miura uses.

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Benock Patti Putter

Introducing Benock Patti Putter to the world. A timeless putter made for the modern player. Putter made by Benock has unparalleled design and quality. They always come with original design and supported by endless possibilities. Benock Putter is the Ultimate expression of your individuality. 

Patti has a CG depth that falls right in between the legendary Yanap model and Kumbhira Tour Bend model. This is the first model targeted for advocates of “2 putters in the bag”.

Benock x Seven Pantaleone Putter

Benock x Seven Pantaleone Putter

SEVEN in collaboration with Benock introduce Benock x Seven Pantaleone Putter. 

Merging mallet with blade-like influences the Pantaleone is a sight to behold. We are very proud of this design for many reasons. Its thinner top line was explicitly made to create flow and progression from a muscle back iron to blade wedges into a putter top line and toe that brings it all together.

The Pantaleone’s double bend micro-milled neck allows the putters design to position weight evenly for the perfect balance. By implementing a higher sharper toe, it not only a better wedge to putter flow but it also adds weight to the toe further improving stability and MOI.

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Benock x Seven BB Putter

Benock x Seven BB Putter

SEVEN in collaboration with Benock introduce Benock x Seven BB Putter. 

The BB is Seven and Benock projects high MOI mallet. This would be for someone who wants a little more forgiveness in a putter. Designed to help any player have a more stable stroke it’s short neck and deep sole channel work hand in hand making this putter balance a remarkable achievement in putter design.

At address, the scoop back resembling a golf ball improves the players targeting ability while SEVENs logo influenced sight line supports sharp and extreme focus to the target.

The face milling design of the BB putter has been years in the making by Jun Okuda owner and designer of Benock Putters. This is his softest feeling face milling pattern to date designed to help the ball roll a little further with a shorter stroke and repel the adverse effects of moisture on the face or ball.

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Benock Easpade M Type Putter

Benock Easpade M Type Putter

Introducing Benock Easpade Series Putter to the world. A revolutionary putter created with focus on technology compared to the traditional feel focused putter making… That is Benock. Currently, Benock putter combines an original “Balance Angle Theory”, Precision fitting, and ultra-micro milling technology to produce a putter with unmatched stability, feel, and fit for your stroke only made possible with complete manufacturing from head design to grip forming “Pret-a-Couture” made Benock putter. Benock putter allows each player to put on their natural stroke for a straight roll of the ball. Benock is highly particular about Ingot one-piece milled putter and thus, an ultimate form of a “Pret-a-Couture” putter. Additionally, in Fall of 2017, utilizing the fitting data accumulated to date; the very first “Pret-a- Porte” Benock putter, EASPADE series is born. A revolutionary gem of a putter that matches the quality of a “Pret-a-Couture.”

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Mitsubishi Rayon Tensei CK Pro White Shaft

Introducing Mitsubishi Tensei CK PRO Series.

The TENSEI™ CK Series Pro White profile modernizes MCA GOLF’s tour-proven, tip-stiff low launch profile.

TENSEI™ CK Pro White expands the TENSEI™ CK Series – which features a multi-material design that incorporates more performance-oriented materials than we’ve ever used in a shaft. Building off of the classic tip-stiff, low-launch bend profile preferred by stronger players the TENSEI™ CK Pro White incorporates the same Carbon Fiber/DuPont™ Kevlar® (CK) weave in the butt-section as the CK Pro Blue – providing enhanced stability and maximum feel. This series also incorporates High Modulus, premium 40-Ton prepreg throughout the shaft. A Boron-reinforced tip-section delivers lower torque, and promotes tour preferred control and stability.

Crazy 9 Dia Shaft thumb

Crazy 9 Dia Shaft

Introducing the new top end series Crazy Shaft the Crazy 9 available in 2 models the "Dia" and the "PT".  The Dia model in this listing is designed for a smoother swinger looking for a semi light weight shaft in the 52-58g range.

It's an expensive shaft due to the shaft structure crazy has implemented using a FULL LENGTH 90T carbon sheet with reinfoced areas using 40T and 46T carbon - no other shaft company has gone to these lengths to create a golf shaft using this material structure.

The Crazy 9 Dia produces a high launch low spin trajectory that is very straight and the high modulous carbon allows the player to hit straighter shots by minimizing the need for perfect timing to close the club face,  the material has extremely low shaft deformation bringing the face to square at impact faster than almost any other shaft.

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Fujikura MCI Black Shaft 5-PW

Introducing the Fujikura MCI Black Shaft - The next generation of MCI technology is now available from driver through wedge creating the ultimate weight flow throughout the entire set.

Many conventional iron shafts are constant weight so with the new design flow of the MCI Black Fujikura wants the player to experience the same feel throughout the entire set with the ideal launch angle and consistency in feel across all clubs from #1 thru #10.

Available in 2 weights MCI80 series and MCI100 series the weights still flow from light in the woods to heavy into the wedges as you can see in the spec chart below, available in R/S/X Flexes.

Fujikura also provides suggested swing weight and grip weight examples ranging from D0 in the driver to D3.5 in your wedges.

Mitsubishi Rayon OT Tour Hybrid Shaft

Mitsubishi Rayon OT Tour Iron Shaft Set

Mitsubishi Chemical Golf introduces their NEW Mitsubishi Rayon OT Tour Iron Shaft.

The OT™ Tour Iron shaft doesn’t use traditional prepreg sheet but instead uses a new material for the golf shaft industry called TOWPREG. TOWPREG uses carbon fibers that are arranged in super-strong “bundles” (the way a steel cable is made). These bundles are impregnated with resin to create the Tow Prepreg, and then woven together like a braid.

The “braiding” technology using TOWPREG is incredibly resistant to twisting and ovaling and creates a shaft with no spine, so the shaft performs more consistently than a shaft made with traditional sheet prepreg. The braiding also minimizes vibration, to provide the better feedback that’s so important for iron play.

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Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana New Thump Iron Shaft Set

Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana New Thump Iron Shaft Set

Mitsubishi Rayon introduces their all new Diamana Thump graphite iron shaft. Made for the harder swinger who does not want to sacrifice the accuracy and stability and weight of steel shafts yet is looking for more feel and distance, the Diamana Thump is the dream iron shaft. Very tight torque coupled with a high kick point produce stable, lower, ballistic like trajectory preferred by the pro level player. Multi ply graphite provides feel and minimal energy loss through the swing.

This constant weight shaft is available 2-PW shafts or in the set up of your choice in several weight options: i95 , i105 and i115

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Tour G J-Spec Grip

Tour G J-Spec Grip - Introducing the Tour G "J-Spec" Grip this special grip is a collaboration model with famous Japan Pro Legend Jumbo Ozaki and this grip features a cord section on top for the glove hand and a non cord down below.  Made in Japan.