Geotech Quelot RE UH Utility Hybrid

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Introducing Geotech Quelot RE UH Utility Hybrid. A club that integrates cutting-edge technology derived from the QUELOT series of heads. This remarkable utility club features advanced technology, including the slotted sole first introduced in titanium fairway woods and utility clubs and is now making its debut in a stainless steel head. This technology ensures it delivers both high initial ball speed and exceptional spin performance, allowing you to capture the fairway and approach the green with precision.

The QUELOT RE UH is engineered to offer golfers the flexibility they need. With the high-precision casting capabilities of our in-house manufacturing facility, the head's weight is reduced, and it features four screw weights. This design allows it to cater to golfers looking for a lighter head (setting) and those who prefer a heavier one (setting). Unlike adapter-style heads, the QUELOT RE UH allows you to adjust the center of gravity without changing the clubhead's address, enabling you to fine-tune your shot trajectory.

Key Features:

  1. Long Center of Gravity Distance with Appropriate Goose (FP): This design allows for stable and powerful shots even when executing what's commonly referred to as "lining up" shots without significantly increasing face rotation. The QUELOT RE UH is your go-to club for scenarios where you demand shots from challenging lies and need precision to aim for the pin.

  2. Slotted Sole for High Initial Speed in a Wide Area: The slotted sole minimizes the loss of initial ball speed on off-center hits while maximizing ball speed on center hits. Additionally, the face material incorporates the highly resilient C455 to achieve exceptionally high initial speed performance.

  3. Stabilizing Setup with Oblate Spheroid Shape: The crown is designed with an oblate spheroid shape that enhances visual stability at the address. This design feature ensures that golfers have a clear line of sight to the crown when setting up, providing visual cues that promote setup consistency.

  4. Laser-Milled Face for Stable Spin Performance: The laser-milled face enhances the feel at impact and minimizes the influence of factors like water droplets on the ball, resulting in consistent spin performance. The unique face design, combined with the slotted sole, ensures stable shots over a wide area.

  5. Weight Mixing System for Versatile Club Settings: With the growing popularity of custom shafts, the QUELOT RE UH is designed to accommodate various club settings. It features four weight ports, and when combined with separately sold weights, offers 625 different club setting possibilities.

Choose from five weight options (1.5g, 4g, 6g, 8g, and 10g, all initially set at 8g) with weight screw nuts to create the perfect lightweight club for your individual strength. For example, with the H4 setting, you can adjust the club weight from 214g (lightest) to 240g (standard) to 248g (heaviest).


Club Loft Lie Weight Face Angle Face Height Volume
H2 18.5° 59.0° 230 g S1.0 33.0 mm 137 cm³
H3 20.5° 59.5° 235 g S1.5 32.5 mm 134 cm³
H4 22.5° 60.0° 240 g S2.0 32.0 mm 131 cm³
H5 24.5° 60.5° 245 g S2.5 31.5 mm 128 cm³

HOSEL INNER 9.5mm HOSELOuter 13.5mm

Material: Custom 455 maraging (face), SUS630 stainless steel (body), weight (sole)

Weight default setting: 8g*4pcs

Finish: Black metallic paint (body), black PVD satin (face), black PVD mirror (sole)



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