Mizuno T24 Wedge

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Introducing the Mizuno T24 Wedge: Elevate Your Short Game

The Mizuno T24 Wedge is more than just a wedge; it's a tour-level performance club that's designed to transform your short game. With cutting-edge innovations and a meticulous attention to detail, this wedge promises to take your approach shots and delicate chips to the next level.

New Quad-Cut Plus Grooves: Redefining Spin Performance

The T24 Wedge introduces the revolutionary Quad-Cut Plus Grooves, designed to significantly enhance spin performance. The scorelines have been increased from the previous model (48-52°), featuring two additional scorelines. This expanded contact area with the ball results in remarkable spin performance.

Loft-Specific Scoreline Design

The club's design incorporates loft-specific scorelines to optimize spin performance. For loft options ranging from 48 to 52 degrees, where the ball tends to compress more on full shots, narrow grooves are designed to enhance spin. For loft options from 54 to 60 degrees, which are commonly used for approach shots where the ball compression is less, wider grooves are used to maximize spin performance.

High Spin Performance in Challenging Conditions

Featuring Hydroflow Micro Grooves, this wedge ensures high spin performance even in adverse weather conditions. These grooves help dissipate moisture, such as rain and dew, between the ball and the face, making sure you maintain exceptional spin performance even in wet conditions. Additionally, a 10-degree larger tilt is designed for 48-52° to accommodate open-face shots.

Five Sole Types to Fit Your Playing Style

Choose from five different sole types to suit your specific playing style:

  • S-Type: A trailing edge grind that preserves most of the bounce, ideal for players who prefer full shots and seek additional bounce around the greens.

  • D-Type: Balanced grind with a larger toe and heel relief to deliver both control and bounce effectiveness, catering to players who want versatility in their short game.

  • V-Type: Incorporating feedback from tour pros, this grind offers bounce without sacrificing versatility, allowing for a wide range of shots.

  • C-Type: A grind that combines a more significant heel and toe relief with some remaining bounce, designed for players who enjoy manipulating the clubface to control the ball on and around the green.

  • X-Type: An even bolder version of the C-Type with further grinds on the toe, heel, and even bounce areas, giving you the ultimate control over your shots based on your preferred face angle.

Copper Plating and Grain Flow Forged HD

The use of copper plating enhances the club's feel, creating a softer impact and a prolonged contact time between the ball and the face, allowing for an enhanced feel during shots (individual experiences may vary).

The Grain Flow Forged HD construction involves forging the clubhead from a single round bar, ensuring that the grain flow (metal structure) remains uninterrupted throughout the head. This design concentrates the grain flow in the hitting area, resulting in an extended impact sound. This distinctive resonating sound gives you the Mizuno signature feel you'll appreciate with every strike.

Two Distinct Finishes: New Soft White Satin and Denim Copper

The Mizuno T24 Wedge comes in two visually appealing finishes: the New Soft White Satin and Denim Copper, allowing you to select the one that complements your style and preferences.


Loft marked with ★ in the table below are made to order ( 4-6 weeks )


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