TSG Rewards Club

TSG Reward Points is a currency you can use on TourSpecGolf.com. They work like “TSG Cash” and can be used to buy (or save on), anything you see on our website! There are no downsides and becoming a member is free and easy. Remember, there are many ways to earn points. The more you buy golf gear, share us on social media, and refer friends...the more you get from us! It is our way of saying Thank You to our customers and community.

Join the Exclusive Club

Register an Account

Register an account so you can start collecting and earning TSG Points.

Earn Points

Earn points not just from purchases but by reviewing products, sharing on social media, and many more.

Redeem Points

Redeem points in cart or at checkout from your balance.

TSG Status Benefits

Total Purchases TSG Points Cashback Forum - Trusted Badge Forum - Underground Access VIP Customer Service Pre-orders - Priority Pre-orders - First in line Phone Service Freeshipping on Golf Clubs Product Discount
Silver $1 = 1 Point 0 100 1% Cash Back
Gold $1 = 1 Points $5000 500 1% Cash Back 5%
Platinum $1 = 1 Points $25,000 25,000 1% Cash Back 5%
Diamond $1 = 2 Points $50,000 50,000 2% Cash Back 10%

Being Social

100 Points 50 Points 10 Points 5 Points
Share a Purchase on Facebook Like our Facebook page Share/Like a Product on Facebook
Follow Us on Twitter, Share a Purchase Tweet a Product on Twitter
Pin on Pinterest


Sign Up 100 Points
Subscribe to Newsletter 50 Points
Add Your Review 100 Points


Referral makes 1st Purchase 100 Points
Referral creates an Account 50 Points

Terms and Conditions

  • Only one TSG account is allowed per customer.
  • Qualification for TSG Reward Status is accumulated within the Calendar year.
  • TSG Reward points must be used within 12 months from the date of issue.
  • There are no limits to the amount of TSG Reward Points you can earn – quite simply the more that you buy golf gear and review products, the more you will collect.
  • You can redeem as many TSG Reward Points as you want when placing your order. The amount of Reward Points you have available to redeem will be displayed in your shopping basket. Just enter the amount of Reward Points that you want to use and the value of these will be removed from your total.
  • The Status Discount will not be applied if another discount code has been used for the order.
  • To earn TSG Reward Points the referred customer must be a new customer that has not been previously registered on the TourSpecGolf.com website.
  • Being social has limit of the points you will receive per day. (Pinterest 25 per day, Facebook 5 per day, Twitter 5 per day)
  • Referrals cannot be made for people living in the same household and address must not be associated with the affiliate.
  • We employ complex cross-detection technology to detect duplicate accounts and any customer found to have created a duplicate account for fraudulent means will automatically be banned without prior notice.
  • Any activity that contravenes these terms and conditions will result in the closure of all related accounts and the deletion of all TSG Reward Points within those accounts.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw this program at any time without prior notice.
  • We may add or remove new ways of earning TSG Reward Points from time to time.
  • TSG Reward Points are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • TSG Reward Points will be checked & approved so they are available to spend within 2 business days of the completed activity.