RomaRo Ballista The First 3D Driver Black

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Introducing the RomaRo Ballista The First 3D Driver Black.

Ignite Your Drive with the World's FIRST 3D Driver

Unleash the Fury of Your Follow-Through with "The FIRST" – A Masterpiece of Speed and Power

Behold the Power That Persists Beyond Impact! Step into a realm where your shots refuse to be tamed. Introducing the RomaRo Ballista, a realm where the shackles of "mis-hit" deceleration are shattered, propelling you to extraordinary distances. But the Ballista is not just about impact – it's about the aftermath, the follow-through that defies decay.

The Impenetrable Fortress of Structural Excellence The Ballista stands as a testament to resilience. Its crown, sole, and face edges stand united, forming a fortress that laughs in the face of distortion. Crafted with an audacious fusion of five cross-reinforcements, this masterpiece emerges as the epitome of unwavering strength, resolute against the tempestuous forces of impact.

Unleash Thunderous Impact, Sustain Supersonic Follow-Through Gaze upon the future of golf technology, where impact is a symphony of power, and the follow-through is an unyielding crescendo. The Ballista's 3D Seamless Head is a marvel of engineering, designed to transfer the very essence of impact into an unrelenting follow-through. Feel the harmony of energy efficiency and unbounded head speed – a testament to the 3D artistry that breathes life into this driver.

Defying the Law of Impact Speed Degradation In a world where amateur strikes falter and professional strokes flourish, the Ballista emerges as the great equalizer. Witness amateur players succumb to the fall of head speed from 40m/s to a mere 30m/s upon impact. Now, envision professional players wielding the Ballista, launching their shots beyond the 250-yard threshold with finesse and force. The secret? The eradication of impact speed degradation – the birthright of the Ballista.

Architectural Marvel Meets Performance Elevation Embark on a journey through architectural ingenuity, a realm where the Honeycomb X Crown & Sole dances with the Inner X Bridge. Four strategic cross-reinforcements harmonize within the heart of the Ballista, forging an unbreakable bond that nurtures a body of unmatched resilience, ready to conquer the greens.

Elevating Structural Tenacity Beyond Conventional Limits Embrace the 3DX Frame, a masterstroke in structural engineering, orchestrating the union of crown and sole with unwavering precision. Witness the metamorphosis of vertical deflection into kinetic advancement. The result? A head that's not just resolute, but rebellious – a head that breathes life into your shots, catapulting your game into uncharted realms.

Enter the Realm of the Third Dimension – A Triumph Over Tradition Part ways with the burdensome yoke of traditional manufacturing. Embrace the future sculpted by 3D printing, a realm where welding's weighty chains are shattered. Behold the birth of the Ballista, an epitome of weight distribution mastery, boasting forgiveness that knows no bounds. A realm where stability and head speed walk hand in hand, channeling the spirit of innovation into every swing.

Breaking Chains, Unleashing Potential – The Saga of Evolution Venture beyond the boundaries of weight design. Traverse the uncharted territories where 3D printing reigns supreme, obliterating the need for welding-induced weight. Behold the rise of the 3DX Frame, free from compromise, a beacon of innovation that paves the way for your triumphant shots.

A Symphony of Power Across Every Inch Embrace the Three-Dimensional Titanium Face, a conductor orchestrating an exhilarating symphony of power. As the 3DX Frame and this symphony entwine, impacts might converges upon the face, melding it into a dynamic canvas of unparalleled flexion. The result? A sweet spot that blossoms with power, embracing off-center hits with unwavering force, and steering your ball towards an audacious, unwavering trajectory.

Elevate your prowess with the RomaRo Ballista The First 3D Driver – where convention bows and innovation soars. Enter a realm where every drive is a symphony of power, and every swing redefines your potential. Dominate the fairway with a force that knows no bounds – the RomaRo Ballista, a masterpiece that will redefine your game.



- SLE rule compliant model


Finish BLACK SILVER (limited quantity model)
Material/Manufacturing method 3D exclusive titanium
finish Black IP processing Silver IP processing
Count 1W 1W
Loft (degrees) 10.5 10.5
Lie (degrees) 60.5 60.5
Volume (cm 3 ) 460 460
Face angle Straight
Length (inch) RJ-TG 45 45
Total weight (±3g) RJ-TG(S) 309 309
shaft RJ-TG (manufactured by UST Mamiya)
flex S. R.
balance D2 D2
Shaft weight (g) 58 55
Torque (degrees) Four 4.3
kick point During ~
grip Synchro grip CX type (no back line)

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