ONOFF Fairway Arms Kuro 2024

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Introducing the ONOFF Fairway Arms Kuro 2024 – Your Ticket to Masterful Golfing Precision!

Unleash Power and Precision

Dynamic Head & Shaft for Ultimate Performance Meet the ONOFF Fairway Arms Kuro 2024, a game-changer in golfing. It boosts ball speeds upon impact with its smart heavy head design and revolutionary Cross Balance Technology, making each swing a masterpiece of power and finesse. Experience unmatched ball speed and distance like never before.

Elevate Your Game with Power Trench

Triple Power Trench: A Game-Changer for Distance Experience the Kuro Exclusive Power Trench – designed for astonishing shots. By adding three trenches on the toe side, your off-center hits get a turbo boost, minimizing distance loss. Feel the impact as these trenches redirect energy, pushing your shots farther, whether you're hitting the center or not.

Achieve Flight and Precision

Optimal Center of Gravity for Controlled Flight Discover the magic of the Kuro's Optimal Center of Gravity Design. The forgiving 3-wood and the accurate 5-wood are tailored to perfect your flight and spin. Each club boasts an optimized center of gravity for towering shots and consistent accuracy.

Sharper Strikes with Unique Face Design

Unlock Potential with Unique Face Thickness Witness ONOFF's exclusive face thickness design – a secret recipe for more rebound and a larger sweet spot, thanks to the Power Trench. Say goodbye to distance loss on off-center hits and hello to consistent performance.

Master Any Lie with Crescent Sole

Effortless Play from Any Lie with Crescent Sole The Crescent Sole takes inspiration from classic irons, allowing you to escape any lie with grace. This versatile design ensures smooth navigation across various terrains, providing a reliable path to victory.

Enhanced Head Size for Better Performance

Amplified Forgiveness with Larger Head Size Experience enhanced brilliance with the ONOFF Fairway Arms Kuro 2024's larger head size. Enjoy more forgiveness, turning mishits into triumphs. Face off-center hits with confidence, and watch your shots glide gracefully towards the green.

Experience "DAIWA's Carbon Technology"

Exceptional Shaft Crafted for Performance Unleash your swing with the original shaft by "DAIWA's Carbon Technology." This middle-flex shaft complements the fairway wood's head, reducing inconsistency and enhancing your shot's accuracy.

Unlock Customization Possibilities

Tailor Your Swing with Adjustable Head Weight Explore customization with the ONOFF Fairway Arms Kuro 2024. Adjust head weights for optimal speed, and feel the joy of a seamless swing that maximizes your performance.

Refine Your Flight with Head Weight Screw

Control Your Trajectory with Weight Screw Fine-tune your shots by adjusting the weight screw. Whether you want a straight or fade ball flight, this tool lets you fine-tune your game for precision and control.

Experience Perfect Balance with Cross Balance Technology

Create Your Symphony with Cross Balance Technology Unleash your creativity with Cross Balance Technology. Customize head and grip weight screws to perfect your swing balance and deliver a performance tailored to your style.

The ONOFF Fairway Arms Kuro 2024 – Elevate Your Game

Discover a new level of golfing excellence with the ONOFF Fairway Arms Kuro 2024. It's time to elevate your game, experience astonishing distance and accuracy, and truly master your golfing journey.


- PRE-ORDER ( OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: September 9, 2023 )

- Labospec shaft is custom order ( 3-4 weeks to be shipped and cannot be canceled )

- Head material: High Maraging Plus Face + 17-4PH Stainless Steel Body

- Standard Weight Screw x 2 (4g=Stainless / 6g=Tungsten Alloy)



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