ONOFF Driver Kuro 2024

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Introducing the ONOFF Driver Kuro 2024.

Step into a realm of golfing magic with the ONOFF Kuro Driver 2024. Get ready for a golfing experience that's as exhilarating as a roller coaster ride and as precise as a master painter's brushstrokes. This isn't just a driver; it's your personal ticket to golfing glory, a fusion of technology, style, and performance that will redefine your game and have you teeing off with confidence and excitement like never before.

Ignite the Fairways with Unprecedented Ball Speed Hold on tight as we unveil the ONOFF Kuro Driver 2024 – a true powerhouse that's about to revolutionize your drives. Picture this: a head design engineered to harness the energies of the cosmos and channel them straight into your shots. The result? Ball speeds that defy gravity and launch your golf balls into a new dimension of distance. With our secret weapon, the Cross Balance Technology, we've turned even the heaviest of heads into a graceful dance partner, ensuring that every swing is a symphony of speed, accuracy, and pure golfing joy.

Customization Unleashed: Master the Cross Balance Symphony Imagine wielding a golf club that's as unique as your fingerprint. Say hello to Cross Balance Technology, your portal to the golfing cosmos. Armed with a wieldy wrench, you become the conductor of your golfing symphony, adjusting head and grip weights to craft the perfect swing. The ONOFF Kuro Driver 2024 becomes an extension of your desires, a harmonious blend of balance and power that sings to your every command.

Shape Your Destiny with the ONOFF Trajectory Control System Unlock the secrets of the fairways with the ONOFF Trajectory Control System – your personal pathfinder to golfing greatness. Picture this: a driver that's as versatile as a chameleon, letting you shape your shots with the flick of a screwdriver. Transform your drives into a work of art as you curate towering arcs or gentle fades. The fairways become your canvas, and you're the artist painting your golfing masterpiece.

Elevate Your Game with Kuro's Evolutionary Power Trench Prepare for an adrenaline rush like no other with the Kuro Exclusive Power Trench. This isn't just a tool; it's a time-traveling catapult that propels your mishits into the stratosphere. Imagine turning a misstep into a show-stopping performance, as your shots defy expectations and soar to new heights. The power trench is your secret weapon, and the fairways are your playground. Get ready to stun your competitors and leave them wondering if you've uncovered the secret to golfing wizardry.

Unleash Your Potential with the ONOFF Kuro Driver 2024 This isn't just a driver; it's a catalyst for transformation. The ONOFF Kuro Driver 2024 is your ally, your partner in crime on the golf course. It's more than a club; it's an extension of your ambition, your desires, and your hunger for victory. With the ONOFF Kuro Driver 2024 in your hands, you're not just playing golf; you're embarking on a journey of self-discovery and triumph. Are you ready to ignite your golfing adventure? The ONOFF Kuro Driver 2024 is here to make your golfing dreams a reality.


- PRE-ORDER ( OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: September 9, 2023 )

- Labospec shaft is custom order ( 3-4 weeks to be shipped and cannot be canceled )


When CBT:624D is installed ➡ ONOFF CBTII rubber (Weight 52g = total grip weight with weight screw 7g, caliber 60)

LABOSPEC SHAFT HASHIRI:30/TATAKI:30 When installed ➡ ONOFF CBT rubber (weight 46g = total grip weight with weight screw 3g, caliber 58)

LABOSPEC SHAFT HASHIRI:40/HASHIRI:50CBT/HASHIRI:60CBT/SHINARI:50CBT/SHINARI:60CBT/TATAKI:40/TATAKI:50CBT/TATAKI:60CBT ➡ ONOFF CBT rubber (weight 50g = grip with weight screw 7g ) Gross weight/caliber 58)

Head Material: TP2Ti face + 811Ti thin precision casting body, weight screw x 3 (2g = titanium / 3g = stainless steel / 5g = stainless steel)

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