Benock Easpade M Type Putter

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Introducing Benock Easpade Series Putter to the world. A revolutionary putter created with focus on technology compared to the traditional feel focused putter making… That is Benock. Currently, Benock putter combines an original “Balance Angle Theory”, Precision fitting, and ultra-micro milling technology to produce a putter with unmatched stability, feel, and fit for your stroke only made possible with complete manufacturing from head design to grip forming “Pret-a-Couture” made Benock putter. Benock putter allows each player to put on their natural stroke for a straight roll of the ball. Benock is highly particular about Ingot one-piece milled putter and thus, an ultimate form of a “Pret-a-Couture” putter. Additionally, in Fall of 2017, utilizing the fitting data accumulated to date; the very first “Pret-a- Porte” Benock putter, EASPADE series is born. A revolutionary gem of a putter that matches the quality of a “Pret-a-Couture.”

Benock putter created a new market by completely reversing the traditional thinking of “Remedy bad habits by practice” into made-to-order putter design by scientifically analyzing each players address position and stroke “habits” through a fitting process. Since its debut in 2011, Benock has increased its fan base thru user reviews around the putter being “revolutionary” and “reflection of personality.” The unprecedented fit and feel as well as sophisticated design has received high remarks from Professionals and Amateur enthusiasts alike. We hope you can experience in your golf life the results of pursuing numerical accuracy and precise work of putter engineer and designer Jun Okuda.

EASPADE series is the very first Pret-A-Porte putter produced by Benock putters known for creating “Only One in the World” Pret-A Couture putters. Using the approximately 7200 player’s fitting data to determine optimum CG angle, lie angle and loft specs, these are truly a consolidation of all technological advances by Benock. Benock’s signature “Secret Eye” milling method produces a silent yet highly noticeable monotone presence. A revolutionary gem of a putter that matches the quality of a “Pret-a-Couture” putter. This is the new Benock Pret-A-Porte putter “EASPADE” series.

6 years’ worth of numeric fitting data has been scientifically analyzed which assisted in accurately implementing the Balance Angle location utilizing advanced 3D CAD. By setting the optimum balance angle that matches their natural stroke, the ball should roll straight to the target. That is Benock’s Balance Angle Theory. Benock is able to find the optimal balance angle which generates the most stable stroke for each player thru their fitting process and implement that balanace angle to the head design thru the use of 3D CAD. EASPADE series utilizes the fitting data acquired from 7200 players and implemented an optimal spec into 3 head designs optimized for different stroke types. Anser, Square and Mallet types.

7kg of ingot material accurately milled to exact design specs using a “Single Chuck 5 Plane Milling” process. Metal is material that can easily deform. Applying external force can create internal resistance within the metal; in order to create an ideal putter, a high precision milling method is essential. Benock utilizes the same ultra-precision micro milling process used to manufacture micro metal molds for Electronic devices. By initially milling all except for the bottom plane, Benock has developed a Single Chuck 5 Plane milling process which does not retain residual stress and allows to accurately mill the material to exact design specs. By precisely controlling the stress to the material during the milling process, they have created putter heads that can maintain the design specs over time. From design, programming to manufacturing, all at the processes are performed at the Kyoto factory.

Easpade Type M: Allows accurate aim by blending straight lines and curves in its design. It is designed for players who prefer mallets and provides them good aiming and stroke impressions. - Lie angle can be custom ordered in 1 deg increments between 68 deg and 72deg with 70 deg being standard .

Easpade Type S: Like tracing the target line, its Avant Garde form is for the golfer who likes to swing. The design also incorporate the know-how to minimize off center hits. - Lie angle can be custom ordered in 1 deg increments between 68 deg and 72deg with 70 deg being standard.

Easpade Type B: Derived a golden ratio spec from the large fitting data, it follows the bladed design of the Andira model. - Lie angle can be custom ordered in 1 deg increments between 68 deg and 72deg with 70 deg being standard

ロフト | Lie Angle ( ° ) 68-70
ライ角 | Loft ( ° ) 3
バランス角 | Balance Angle ( ° ) 0 / 18 / 36
重心高さ | C.G Height ( mm ) 9
ヘッド重量 | Head Weight ( g ) 345 / 350 / 360

Benock Putters have so many custom option available! please contact [email protected] to get detailed information about its custom options.

Benock Easpade M Type Putter

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