Syncagraphite Zinger Driver Shaft

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Introducing the ZINGER by SYNCAGRAPHITE. available in Black or White Versions

Do you know who Syncagraphite is? It’s an actual shaft factory with the most experienced shaft-making staff in the world. I’m talking about 45+ years of experience with Hashimoto-san alone; she is ( 80 years old ) and the same for Takahashi-san. ( 70 years old ) then their other staff is around 25 years and 15 years of hand shaft rolling. It’s impressive and unlike any other shaft company. The largest shaft brands do not have the quality control or hand-rolling skills… not even close. I’ve been to many shaft factories, and by far, Syncagraphite is the most impressive in terms of knowledge and QC. To learn more about the brand, please review our blog posts Introducing the brand in 2016. Click Here & Click Here.

Many have heard of Autoflex, right? Korea Hidden Technology? Basically, it's a uni-flex shaft in a soft flex made of average prepreg. It was made famous on YouTube by some excellent fitters, yet know very little about shaft manufacturing and design. We sell a lot of these Autoflex shafts; when it comes to client feedback, about 50% do not get along with it well, 30% say its as good as any other shaft on the market yet softer, while only 20% get those considerable distance gains you may hear about. Within the shaft industry, there is no secret. It’s a uni-flex shaft and targets all golfers; it’s soft, maybe too soft. In general, most golfers benefit from playing a softer shaft, and some had solid gains with Autoflex. That’s the Korean secret, Actually, this is the exact reason why so many love Ryoma’s Beyond Power shafts; they are uni-flex and soft with a stiffer tip.

Now let’s talk about the SYNCAGRAPHITE ZINGER! While auto flex caters to everyone, the ZINGER caters to mid to low-handicap players. While the ZINGER is soft when you waggle it, when you swing it, you can feel it stiffen near impact. It really is something different.

The zingers attributes are unlike any other shaft we have tested, It helps everyone, and for a player like me who comes over the top, it aids by delaying casting, which creates a sensation of delay during the swing. It produces load for those who have a limited amount of it. At impact, it does not feel soft at all, and you can feel it tighten.

This shaft produces a lot less side spin for the low-handicap player due to how the tip is designed. The quality control of this shaft is intense 40% of the shafts are discarded and tossed, while only 60% make it to paint. Thanks to the stiff tip design and the stiffening during the downswing, it reduces duck hooks.

Overall the waggle near the butt end to the midsection feels soft, which produces load in the transition further away from the hands. As you come down toward the ball, it feels firmer and closer to the hands; this means the head stays in control during the downswing even though there is a lot of load in transition. So what you experience is more control in the hands.

The LOOP ZINGER is sold in three weights, the ZINGER 4 is 47g, the ZINGER 5 is 57g, and the ZINGER 6 is 64g.


- Available in 3 models based on their weight

- Available in 2 color options: Black or White

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