Diamana WS Series Shaft

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Introducing Diamana WS Series shaft.

The Mitsubishi Chemical Diamana™ WS shaft is a high-performance golf shaft designed for players who demand the ultimate in distance and accuracy. Made from advanced carbon fiber materials, the Diamana™ WS shaft features a stiff mid-section and a responsive tip that provides a low launch and low spin trajectory for maximum distance.

The Diamana™ WS series is the latest model of the former tuning-type shaft that has been highly acclaimed by top players around the world. It is a strong trajectory shaft that allows high-head speed players to swing confidently without fearing left misses due to its outstanding stability brought about by the stiffness of the tip section, while also suppressing excessive grip. Additionally, by placing 40t high elastic carbon fiber material in the tip section and equipping the butt section with DIALEAD™, it is possible to improve the initial ball speed. The hand side has a sticky feeling that directly transmits the power accumulated in the cut back to the ball without releasing it. In addition, the premium design with IP coating, which is the identity of Mitsubishi Chemical's branded shaft, is adopted. With a total of 21 specs ranging from 40g to 80g, it achieves matching with the latest clubs.

The Diamana™ WS shaft also features Mitsubishi Chemical's unique Multi-Dimensional Interlay (MDI) technology, which optimizes the stiffness and flexibility of the shaft throughout the swing to deliver consistent performance and greater accuracy. The MDI technology also helps to reduce unwanted vibrations for a more comfortable feel at impact.

Overall, the Mitsubishi Chemical Diamana™ WS shaft is a top-of-the-line golf shaft that delivers exceptional performance, distance, and accuracy for players who demand the very best. The Diamana™ WS series is a visionary product from Mitsubishi Chemical, a company with numerous achievements on domestic and international pro tours. The shaft is available in a range of weights and flexes to suit a variety of player preferences and swing styles. It is compatible with a wide range of club heads and can be customized to fit individual player needs.


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