Geotech Quelot RE Fairway Wood

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Introducing Geotech Quelot RE Fairway Wood.

a club that showcases the advanced technology previously reserved for the QUELOT series of heads. This remarkable fairway wood incorporates a range of features and technologies, including the innovative slotted sole that was first introduced in titanium fairway woods and utility clubs, now making its debut in a stainless steel head.

One of the standout qualities of the QUELOT RE FW is its ability to combine high initial ball speed with exceptional spin performance. This dynamic duo allows golfers to capture the fairway and approach the green with confidence. It's designed to put the power back in your hands, enabling you to execute precise and effective shots.

In addition, the QUELOT RE FW leverages the high-precision casting capabilities of our in-house manufacturing facility to reduce the head's weight without compromising performance. It features four screw weights that offer versatility for golfers looking to fine-tune their club's weight to suit their preferences and settings. Whether you want a lighter or heavier head, the QUELOT RE FW has you covered.

What sets this fairway wood apart from the current trend of ultra-low spin fairway woods is its commitment to providing a more balanced and versatile performance. In recent times, ultra-low spin fairway woods have led to issues like "not getting enough height" or "not stopping on the green." Using such clubs has often felt like a gamble. With the QUELOT RE FW, you can avoid this uncertainty.


"Slit sole" that enables high initial velocity over a wide area

Equipped with a slit sole that suppresses the decrease in initial velocity on off-center hits and maximizes the ball's initial velocity on center hits.

Visual effects stabilize the setup "Oblate Spheroid Shape"

To improve the stability of the swing and shot by stabilizing the posture at address, the apex of the crown is set slightly to the toe, and the slope of the crown from the apex to the hosel is strengthened, creating a visual effect by making the crown visible to the golfer at address close to the lie angle when the golfer holds the club.

"Laser milling face" for consistent spin performance

Laser milling was applied between the score lines to improve the bite at impact and stabilize spin by reducing the influence of stable shots over a wide area. of water droplets and other particles on the ball. The synergistic effect of the uniquely designed face and the slit sole enables.

Weight Mixing System" for 625 different club settings

In order to accommodate the various club settings required in these days of custom shafts, four-weight ports are provided, enabling 625 different combinations with weights sold separately.

The weight screw can select five different weights (1.5g, 4g (all 4g at the time of purchase), 6g, 8g, and 10g) to achieve the lightweight club best suited for individual fitness.

Example: For 5W, the weight can be adjusted from 210g (lightest) to 220g [standard] to 244g (heaviest).


Model Loft Angle Lie Angle Weight Face Angle Face Height Volume
3W 15° 58.0° 210 g S0.5 36.0 mm 207 cm³
4W 17° 58.5° 215 g S1.0 35.5 mm 203 cm³
5W 19° 59.0° 220 g S1.5 35.0 mm 197 cm³
7W 21° 59.5° 225 g S2 34.5 mm 193 cm³

HOSEL INNER 8.6mm HOSELOuter 12.5mm


Face; Custom455 Mariging

Body; SUS630 Stainless


Body: Black Metalic

Face: Black PVD Satin

Sole: Black PVD Mirror



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