ONOFF Forged Wedge 2024

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Introducing the ONOFF Forged Wedge 2024: A Symphony of Spin Mastery and Precision

Step onto the green with the ONOFF Forged Wedge 2024, a masterpiece meticulously crafted to redefine your short game. This wedge is not just a club; it's a harmonious fusion of design and technology, resulting in an instrument that golfers can wield with finesse and confidence.

Unleash the Spin Artistry: The ONOFF Forged Wedge 2024 is your ticket to spin mastery. Its revolutionary Face Laser Milling technique transforms every shot into a work of art, embedding the face with micro-grooves that create an intricate dance between the ball and the club. As you address the ball, the laser-milled face establishes an unbreakable connection, delivering a controlled and consistent spin, even when the elements conspire against you.

Where Precision Meets Design: Behind the elegant façade lies a concealed secret – the "O" emblem adorning the heel. This discreet yet purposeful mark aligns with the Sweet Spot (SS) position, guiding your impact. Strike below the "O" and watch as your shots unleash a symphony of spin, executing your intentions with unparalleled precision.

Elevated Artistry with Gravity Control: Crafted with a visionary approach, the Gravity Control design elevates your game. The wedge's thick top blade beckons your gaze, inspiring confidence at address and delivering a sense of mastery with each swing. The artistry lies in the higher center of gravity, meticulously designed to harmonize distance and spin. Approach challenging lies with conviction, knowing your shots remain unwavering in the face of adversity.

The Tale of Three Holes: Behold the ingenious tri-hole configuration adorning the back sole. A subtle touch, yet one that wields profound impact. The 56-degree, 58-degree, and newly introduced 60-degree wedges embrace this innovation, meticulously balancing weight distribution. This dynamic equilibrium propels your spin performance to new heights, a testament to our unwavering commitment to perfection.

Crafting the Perfect Sole Symphony: Each loft tells a distinct story, reflected in the sole design. The 48-degree, 50-degree, and 52-degree wedges boast a versatile all-around sole, embracing every shot with finesse. Meanwhile, the 56-degree, 58-degree, and 60-degree wedges flaunt a multi-location sole, sculpted for control and open-face shots. With loft-specific sole designs, your approach shots become a virtuoso performance, each note striking the green with precision.

A Symphony in Shaft Harmony: Paired with the MODUS3 115 shaft, the ONOFF Forged Wedge 2024 orchestrates a seamless transition from the fairway to the green. Feel the resonance as power meets finesse, delivering the perfect crescendo for your short game.

The ONOFF Forged Wedge 2024 isn't just a club; it's a symphony of spin mastery and precision. Elevate your game, wield the ultimate expression of artistry, and make each shot a stroke of brilliance on the canvas of the golf course.


- PRE-ORDER ( OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: September 9, 2023 )

- Labospec shaft and Repulsion Kick are custom order ( 3-4 weeks to be shipped and cannot be canceled )



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