Seven x Benock Pirata Putter

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Introducing the SEVEN X BENOCK PIRATA! The word “Pirata” means Pirate in Italian which is an interesting name for a putter but makes better sense when you consider that many of Okuda-san’s designs are named after his love for all things Italian and Audrey Hepburn. The Pirata was on display at the 2019 Japan Golf Fair and easily best in show when it comes to flat sticks.

This isn’t just a pretty putter, It’s a technological masterpiece for a few reasons. First is it is made of hands down the finest steel anyone can make a putter with. Japan Industry Standard J.I.S grade SUS3136L which has an addictive pure and soft feel that is unique while noticeably different in sensation than the firm vibration of stainless 303 yet not as gushy as forged carbon steel.

Another stunning aspect of the PIRATA is its camo print milling that encompasses its entire body. This was a jaw-dropper at the show drawing crowds and causing many double takes. The next few photos highlight how well the camo is designed and executed.

The camo is a subtle look that does not get in the way, it captures the shadows perfectly and evenly across the entire body of the putter.

Continuing on with details have a look at the centerpiece on the sole of the PIRATA and the intricate detail in the pirate skull design, this is to a level never seen before on a putter.

The shape of the head itself is stunning, it’s shallow yet face forward has just the right amount of depth to it and from the back face angle, you can see how tall it stands from sole to top line.

About This Product Listing

- This product is custom order / made by order which take about 2-4 weeks to be shipped.

- Available in 2 different materials : SUS303 or JSS 3136L

- Length options available.

Seven x Benock Pirata Putter

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