RomaRo Ray V V2 Fairway Wood

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Introducing RomaRo Ray V V2 Fairway Wood

The "strongest true value" that everyone recognizes. Romaro myth begins again

A head shape that is easy to handle and has a sense of security, inherited from the original Ray FW / UT. By introducing AI in the development process and combining Romaro's sensibility and accumulated technology, a higher-performance club was born. While faithfully maintaining its position as a flagship model, we adopted the "materials" and "structures" that can produce the best results, aiming to be a model that is supported by a wide range of people regardless of the skill or power of the player.

A forged cup face with a unique "RZR446 titanium" and a "truss design" with a geometric pattern that is resistant to twisting. By combining "silver alloy" on the toe and heel sides, excessive deflection of the face is suppressed and the impact energy of the impact is efficiently converted to the initial velocity of the ball. The high initial velocity area expands up, down, left and right, and has a high tolerance for variations in hitting points. The unprecedented biting of the ball and the feeling of pushing it out firmly stabilizes the amount of spin with a firm grip, creates a sense of security that allows ball control, and extends the flight distance with overwhelming playing.

Two-piece structure with forged titanium cup face and stainless steel body. The face, crown, and sole have been made as thin and lightweight as possible, and the crown and sole are thinner than the face, resulting in greater body deflection. The excess weight is concentrated in the "power unit structure" formed by the core system, backside, and fitting weights attached to the rear of the sole. A head balance that does not shake even with the impact of impact is created, and ribs are applied to the crown and a bridge is applied to the sole to ensure the head rigidity required for flying. As a result, the repulsion performance of the hitting point under the face is improved, and a high repulsion head that efficiently converts the impact of impact on the initial velocity of the ball is realized. Creates a V2 trajectory that extends further at the highest point.

Equipped with a "variable sleeve" that changes the face angle, impact loft, and lie angle. The role of reducing the bending width by approaching a square impact and efficiently converting the impact of impact on the initial velocity of the ball. The "4 * fitting weights ", which are attached to the rear of the sole to stabilize the head behavior and boost a strong impact, are auxiliary functions that adjust the launch angle, grip, and trajectory in addition to the head weight. The elaborate fitting makes the club more suitable for the player. * Two fitting weights are attached to the UT

A toe-heel "fitting weight" that brings a low center of gravity to compact head size. It is a craft part to bring the player's RBI and the center of gravity closer. In addition, due to the synergistic effect with the power unit behind the head, the head behavior is stable, and a powerful and efficient ball impact that does not lose to the impact of impact is realized. The standard head is equipped with a toe (stainless steel 3g) and heel (tungsten 5g). Four types of titanium (1g), stainless steel (3g), and tungsten (5.7g) are available as options.


- Available in 2 lofts option: 15* / 18*

- Comes with RJ-TG FW as its standard shaft

- Weight (standard): Toe front 3g / Heel front 3g / Toe back 3g / Heel back 3g

- Additional fitting parts available as options

RomaRo Ray V V2 Fairway Wood

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