Romaro Painite X3 Putter

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Introducing Romaro Painite X3 Putter. A new idea putter in which shape can be rearranged on the extension line of the blade putter.

The basic shape is an orthodox toe-heel balance blade putter. An almighty finish that is easy to use for those who make strokes by opening and closing the face in-to-in, and those who make a straight stroke.

By attaching a special "wing bag" to the rear of the toe heel of the main body, it has three shapes: "blade", "short wing" and "long wing". Each has a strong straight line, which makes it easy to hold at a right angle to the target, and can be customized on the extension of the familiar blade putter.

Fitting weight screw available for blade type. Wing type is equipped with short and long wings by wing screws. Fit to the golfer's stroke style, impact strength, and ball setting. Romaro made it possible to customize the feeling of stroke that has not been changed by lead balance improvement and grip replacement so far. In addition,
the unique color milling was applied to the face surface to provide a different feel from "silver is mild" and "black is solid".

Blade Type

Concentrate the weight on the toe and heel side to prevent the face from shaking even when the core is removed, ensuring directionality. With a moderate center of gravity angle and offset, it is easy to make head turns. reduces mistakes to the right. Easy-to-use shape for straight strokes and arc track strokes.

Short Wing Type

Strokes are easy to stabilize with a large head, and ball extension does not change even when the core is removed. The weight of the head allows distance, and the ball rolls well, making it easy to match the distance with a long pad.

Long Wing Type

A mallet but orthodox crank neck. It's sharp and easy to hold, and it's also suitable for people who hit with a hand first and have a stroke like a pendulum with a shallow incident angle. The catch is good, and the strength of the miss-hit is the same as that of mallet.

About This Product Listing

- Available in 2 length options: 33 / 34 "

- Wing Extension available as an option

- Standard fitting weight screws (stainless steel, 1.5g x 4)

- PRE-ORDER ( Official Release Date: May 12, 2020 )

Romaro Painite X3 Putter


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