RomaRo Ray V V1 460 Driver - 10.5° - Head Only

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- Head Only

- 10.5°


Introducing RomaRo Ray V V1 460 Driver, A low-spin model with a medium trajectory that achieves both a soft feel and a strong trajectory. Newly developed "Double Titanium Face" that incorporates high-strength titanium that is absolutely advantageous for flying. In addition to the high resilience performance of high-strength titanium, the launch direction can be controlled while pushing the ball, realizing "two deflections" that further increase the initial velocity of the ball. A deep model that creates an overwhelming flight distance is born for orthodox golfers and long hitters with stable RBIs. Please experience the big flight that changes the scenery of the first shot.

A full-volume deep head that sits comfortably and can be held in a square without opening the face. The deep back shape at the rear creates the image of pushing the head strongly, aiming for further increase in flight distance with the strength of swinging after the downswing and the head behavior that does not shake even with impact.

A "double titanium face" that incorporates a high-strength titanium "DAT55G" clamp cup face into the hitting area in an integrally molded body with a face and crown. V-shaped protrusions (CNC Fang) are provided on the left and right sides of the thinned clamp cup face, and the upper and lower winding parts are further thinned and grooves (Speed ​​Groove) are provided to realize a "core attack area" that creates uniform deflection. The "material hardness difference" with the body side face increases the deflection behind the face, and further concentrates the deflection in the centering area. With the two deflection effects and the high resilience performance of the material, it produces a high initial velocity and a strong trajectory, leading to the maximum flight distance. The hitting area below the center of gravity has also been improved to ensure spin and launch angle that are directly linked to flight. The launch direction can be controlled while pushing the ball, achieving a reliable feel.

"Power unit structure" - The face, crown, and sole are made as thin as possible, and excess weight is concentrated on the core system, backside, and rear of the sole. Realizes a power unit structure that pushes forward strongly while stabilizing the head behavior of impact. With a moderate grip and swing strength after the downswing, it maximizes the collision energy and creates a strong liner trajectory.

"Power Wide Bridge" - Bridges that increase rigidity are placed at the top and bottom of the thin body and inside and behind the sole. A structure in which the thinned part is bent with strong, weak, and strong rigidity, and the crown and sole flex greatly. The clamp cup face also flexes further, producing more collision energy. It also contributes to the soft feel and hitting sound required by orthodox golfers.

A toe-heel "fitting weight" that brings a low center of gravity to the deep head. Craft parts to bring the player's RBI and center of gravity closer. Due to the synergistic effect with the rear power unit structure, the head behavior is stable and a powerful and efficient ball impact is realized.


RomaRo Ray V V1 460 Driver

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