TSG Club Works Services

  • 1. Refinishing (13 Finishes offered)
  • 2. Custom Club Work
  • 3. Custom Paint Fill
  • 4. Shaft, Grip & Ferrule Options
  • 5. Driver Face Shaving

Custom Club Assembly

TSG Club Works Offers only the highest quality “Made in Japan” Custom Finishes and Aftermarket Modifications.
We also offer a hand picked selection of the very best shaft brands and grip options.


  • NSPro
  • True Temper Fujikura
  • KBS
  • Muziik
  • Waccine Compo
  • Mitsubishi Rayon
  • Crazy Shafts
  • TRPX
  • Quadra
  • MUSO
  • Basileus
  • Graphite Design
  • Roddio
  • & More


  • Iomic
  • Elite
  • Tour G
  • Muziik
  • Golf Pride
  • Winn
  • Super Stroke
  • Masda
  • RomaRo
  • Dance with Dragon
  • & More


Chrome Mirror

Mirror like plated finish for enhanced feel and expensive look

Chrome Satin

Bushed plated finish for reduced glare and tour style appearance

Satin Boron

Mirror like plated finish for enhanced feel and expensive look

Beads Boron

Attractive and fine finished flat silver look ideal for putters or wedges

Black Boron

Black durable plated finish with firmer feel at impact

Mirror Black

Black mirror gloss finish for enhanced softer feel

Soft Black

Dark Grey smooth and virtually flawless finish that feels soft and wears

Copper Mirror

High gloss and reflective copper finish that will Patina and feel soft

Copper Satin

Brushed copper for less reflection it feels soft and will Patina quickly

Teflon Satin

Dark finish that increases spin rates and adds a unique feel at impact

Teflon Black

Ideal for putters it’s a durable coating that looks perfectly black yet will wear

Black Oxide

Flat black look that will wear, the choice of 70% of Tour Pros on wedges

Oil Can Copper

Oil can look that will wear, ideal for putters made of stainless steel

Smoked Copper

White Chrome

Matte Finish for enhanced feel and elegant look

Copper Underlay

Underlay finish is only available under select finishes for a softer feel
Consultation is necessary as not all clubs can be modified the same way.