RomaRo Ray SX-R Light Wedge

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Introducing RomaRo Ray SX-R Light Wedge, High Spin" and "Ultra Soft" achieved despite its light weight Performance. "New lightweight wedge" required by the times in terms of both hitting feel

Since the square-groove regulation, various innovations have been made to improve the spin performance of wedge faces. Currently, grooves that are just below the rule limit and advanced milling to fill in the spaces between the grooves are the mainstream, but the effectiveness of these methods is now approaching the upper limit. At Romaro, we have pursued the possibility of improving spin performance using methods other than grooving. The answer was to soften the material. This is the "hyper-heating process after molding. After the head is molded, it is heated to such a high temperature that it melts, and the hardness of the face surface is drastically reduced. By softening the original hardness of the material, a softer feel than ever before is achieved. The softer feel of the ball on the face dramatically improves ball retention and spin. Needless to say, the tenacious, sticky feel and sound of the ball, as well as the spin performance, directional stability, maneuverability, and forgiveness, all contribute greatly to the evolution of performance required of wedges.

Lightweight wedge with high spin performance

Lightweight wedges have a wide sole and are resistant to misses. However, they also have the disadvantage of being difficult to spin. The Romaro, while retaining the advantages of a lightweight wedge, achieves unprecedented spin performance through a high center of gravity design, high-spin milling, and the Hyper Heat manufacturing method. The new lightweight wedge is ideal for use with lightweight irons while demonstrating the versatility of a lightweight wedge in a variety of situations.

Acceleration and ease of swing - The lightness of a lightweight wedge creates

"Acceleration and ease of swing" due to lightness. Increased head speed, launch angle and spin rate. The head and hand can move in sync with each other, which contributes to the ability to hit the ball a subtle distance and to fine-tune the club from various lies. The SX-R Light will revolutionize the way you approach the ball.

New technology "Hyper Heat Manufacturing Method"

Lightweight wedges tend to be thin-walled and hard to the touch in order to reduce weight. Romaro has succeeded in softening the face surface through its proprietary "hyper-heating process after molding. By softening the original hardness of the material, the bouncing feel of the lightweight model is eliminated, and the same soft, sticky feel is achieved as in the series. The extremely soft feel of the ball on the face improves the ball retention and spinnability, and contributes to the controllability of the ball by applying stable spin even from a tight lie.

Strong frictional force with ball-riding bite - High spin milling face with ultra soft head

Laser milling of the rule-limited scoreline (groove) and the microscopic grooves carved between the scoreline and grooves from three directions. The ball has a good hold to increase the frictional force and spin. Produces consistent high spin not only on short approaches but also in wet conditions and with variations in hitting points.

Wide Valley Sole - High Bounce

Good sliding out without sticking and a high tolerance for mistakes

The newly designed "Wide Valley Sole" is thicker on the back side of the hitting area and has more volume throughout the sole. It has a double-stage shape with an indentation, low in the front and high in the back, for better release and forgiveness of misses in a variety of situations. The shape is rich in directional stability, allowing the ball to be picked up and pushed in the direction of launch even if it is duffed. The synergistic effect of the inverted tapered blades makes it resistant to variations in the head's upper and lower hitting points, and the smooth behavior of the head ensures stable high spin.


- Comes with standard shaft N.S.PRO 950GH ( S )


Head: Material/Manufacturing method/Finish S20C soft iron, casting and forging *CNC processing
Special heat treatment processing (hyper heat manufacturing method) +
CNC score line + triple laser milling undercopper
plating + nickel chrome plating, satin & mirror finish
loft (degrees) 48 50 52 54 56 58
rye (degrees) 63.5 63.5 63.5 63.5 64 64
FP (mm) 5 7 6 6 6.5 7
bounce (degrees) 3 5 8 8 11 11
Length (inch) NS 950GH 35.5 35.5 35.5 35.5 35.25 35.25
Total weight (±3g) NS 950GH(S) 434 434 434 438 438 438

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