RomaRo Ray V V2 435 Driver

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IntroducingRomaRo Ray V V2 435 Driver. It looks deep. Performance is shallow, Its gentleness makes all deep in the past V2 that anyone can hit

A deep model that breaks common sense created in an undeveloped area

If you look at the professional golfers who fly far away, I think there is no doubt about what the current driver should be. However, there are certainly golfers in the world who have not been able to keep up with the evolution. Another evolutionary path that should be an "option" for such golfers is this V2 driver. It is different from the previous deep models, such as the ball does not catch, does not rise, and cannot be used without skill and power. It is a "new deep model" that incorporates the technological evolution cultivated by Romaro and the "materials" and "structures" that can produce the best results in the familiar shape. Aiming for a model that is supported by a wide range of people regardless of skill and power, he is a driver in an unconventional area of ​​flight and gentleness.

High MOI Structure

Carbon crown, thin and lightweight face and body. The "high MOI structure" with the deep back shape and fitting weight creates a "deep and low center of gravity" that could not be achieved with a deep head and realized automatic deep with a high moment of inertia.

"High MOI structure" with a deep back, fitting weight, and wall thickness design behind the sole. By stabilizing the head behavior and pushing the impact strength, the initial velocity and flight distance are dramatically improved. The synergistic effect with the silver back face further extends the flight distance with a trajectory that has excellent straightness.


A forged cup face is made from the original light density titanium RZR446, which is made thinner and has a truss design that is resistant to twisting. By joining a silver alloy to the thinned toe and heel to increase the strength, the impact of impact is efficiently converted to the initial velocity of the ball while suppressing excessive deflection of the face. The high initial velocity area expands up, down, left, and right, and has a high tolerance for variations in hitting points. The fusion of silver and titanium creates an unprecedented feel of sticking and pushing out firmly, and a reliable grip realizes proper spin and high launch. The synergistic effect with the high MOI structure leads to an overwhelming flight distance.

Variable sleeve

"Variable sleeve" that adjusts face angle, impact loft and lie angle to lead a square impact. "Four fitting weights" that stabilize the head behavior behind the sole. In addition to the head weight, an auxiliary function that adjusts the grip, launch angle, and trajectory. The elaborate fitting makes the club more suitable for the player.

Weight parts that adjust spin to eliminate distance loss due to insufficient spin. Even for those who do not get the ball up due to lack of power or who actively use wrist work, the good grip and the "appropriate spin" and "launch angle" necessary for flying can be obtained, and the advantages of V2 are brought out.



- Shafted with Romaro RJ-TG as its standard shaft.

- Standard head installed with Toe front 3g, Heel front 3g, Toe back 3g, Heel back 3g weight screws

- Standard head installed sleeve with ring ( ring type sleeve )

RomaRo Ray V V2 Drivers

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