Romaro i-Brid Chapter 3 Hybrid Utility

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Introducing Romaro i-Brid Chapter 3 Hybrid Utility. Flying with a high initial velocity and gentle trajectory. i-Brid is aiming for the green without hesitation

Iron type hybrid with a compact orthodox shape that is easy to hold, and has a flat sole with a rounded toe and heel. A model that allows the ball to be naturally caught on the entire face and can be attacked with a jumping speed and a high trajectory carry. Demonstrate power in situations where you have to use a lot such as lie, slope, and troubleshot. There is no hard stress, an i-Brid chapter 3 with a sense of security and peace of mind.

The thinnest and lightest crown for a Romaro hybrid. By placing the surplus weight obtained behind the wide sole and making it thicker, it is a compact head, but the ball easily rises and the head is strong against impact shocks. Furthermore, by applying grooves (speed grooves) to the crown and sole on the face side, the deflection of the face is increased even when hitting under the face, realizing a stable spin amount and a trajectory that can be launched with high launch .

It adopts high-strength maraging steel, the most suitable material for hybrids with a great distance. Ultra-thin insert face with improved strength and flexibility due to precision high-pressure forging. The central area where hit points are concentrated is further thinned to reduce impact energy loss, contributing to faster ball initial speed and proper backspin. Speed ​​Increasing initial ball speed over a wide range of face due to the synergistic effect with the grooved body. It has a fast launch, a solid feel with a solid feel and a solid feel.

A weight screw attached to the center of the sole. Craft parts to adjust the position of the center of gravity according to the individual swing style. In addition to catching and launching the ball, it also has a role to boost a strong impact.


- Available in 5 lofts option: 15* / 18* / 21* / 24* / 27*

- Shafted with NSPRO 950GH as its standard shaft.

- PRE-ORDER ( Official Release Date is Mid May 2020 )

Romaro i-Brid Chapter 3 Hybrid Utility

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