Romaro Ray α Black Driver

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Introducing Romaro Ray Alpha Black Driver.

A new challenge for Romero packed in Alpha Black. The Alpha series incorporates technology for improving initial velocity performance, tolerance for miss-hits, and straightness of ballistics into basic performance. Standard Alpha is the full-titanium Romaro lightest model that can be used by seniors and women. Auto with a natural swing
The ball is grasped automatically, the ball is released quickly, and the carry and run are extended at the launch height. On the other hand, Alpha Black, There is a sense of security that you can catch the ball with the intended force, bite into the face, and control with a stable spin amount. Manipulate the sphere. It is recommended for those who want to do it, who want to hit hard and fly, and those who are struggling with modern drivers. Carbon composite head
With the new adjustment function, will deliver "new possibilities hidden in black" to more people.

By adopting carbon on the crown and toe side, the titanium body with a light specific gravity has been made extremely lightweight.

Romaro Ray Alpha Black Driver also comes with an adjustable sleeve that changes face angle, impact loft and lie angle by changing shaft insertion angle. The role of reducing the bending width by efficiently approaching a square impact, efficiently transmitting impact energy, and raising the initial velocity of the ball. Also, the original sleeve ring (adjust sleeve ring) is an idea unique to Romero to adjust the spin amount. The two fitting weights that are attached to the heel of the sole to push the impact back are not only the head weight adjustment but also the launch angle adjustment and the gripping of a large shallow head. In order to make the most of the head performance, a new auxiliary function that adjusts according to the golfer is installed.

Original RZR446 titanium with a Quattro design that changes the wall thickness of forged cup face. By combining "silver alloy" on the toe and heel sides, the coefficient of repulsion is kept to the maximum level of the rule, and energy loss due to excessive bending is reduced. The high initial velocity area expands vertically and horizontally and has a high tolerance for variations in the RBI. The feeling of biting the face and the feeling of pushing it out firmly, it stabilizes the grip and spin rate and creates a sense of security to control the ball.


- Available in 1 adjustable loft: 12* ( can be adjusted to: 11* / 11.5* / 12.5* / 13* )

- Shafted with Romaro standard shaft.

- PRE-ORDER ( Official Release Date is Mid July 2020 )

Romaro Ray Alpha Black Driver

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