ONOFF Utility Wings AKA 2022

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Introducing ONOFF Utility Wings AKA 2022. an Easy-to-hold head shape and finish with a sense of security.

Face laser milling, RBI, face finish that is less susceptible to weather and stabilizes spin performance.

With the power trench dedicated for AKA, it flies straight at the fastest ball speed.

By flexing and restoring, the ball is pushed out, the flight distance is further increased, the entire face is changed to a high initial velocity area, and the flight distance loss due to off-center hits is reduced, so that the power to realize more flight and gentleness than ever before. Trench. Even if you miss a hit with toe and heel, you can increase the repulsive force by using 3 trenches on the toe and heel to reduce the flight distance loss. Achieves a fairway wood that can fly straight no matter where you hit it at the fastest ball speed.

A unique sole groove = power trench designed in pursuit of a head that is resistant to distance performance and mistakes. The entire face flexes greatly and is restored to achieve both flying and gentleness.

Optimal center of gravity design exclusively for AKA

Everything is a core, you can grab the ball, go up and fly straight.

The center of gravity of the head is optimized for the average golfer's swing by count while thinning the crown and lowering the center of gravity so that the ball can be easily lifted. With a large center of gravity angle and a deep center of gravity depth, a utility that raises the score of an average golfer who can grab the ball, go up, and fly straight is realized.

Unique repulsive face structure.

The unique face thickness design not only improves the repulsion performance, but also expands the repulsion area, and the synergistic effect with the power trench brings about a more stable and large flight distance with less loss of flight distance even at hitting point blur.

A face structure with a thick face design that increases the repulsive force and expands the repulsive area.

ONOFF's original twin cut sole.

ONOFF's original twin-cut sole with a concave shape from the leading edge of the sole surface toward the center. By making the sole shape easy to pull out, it is resistant to miss-hits, suppresses head speed down, and realizes a fairway wood that can fly straight at the fastest ball speed.

An original shaft born from DAIWA's carbon technology

The original shaft "SMOOTH KICK MP-522U" produced by DAIWA's carbon technology, which was developed to match the head of the AKA Utility Wings, which has a full-core design that makes it easy to grip and raise the ball, and to fly straight at the fastest ball speed. .. A shaft that increases the rigidity of the head side, suppresses the hit loss due to the impact at the time of impact of the utility that requires a nice shot from any lie, and suppresses the blurring of the face surface due to the hitting point blur, and realizes the utility to fly straight.



- LABOSPEC Shafts are custom order ( 4-6 weeks )


ONOFF Utility Wings AKA 2022


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