ONOFF Labospec FF247 Irons 7-AW ( 5pcs )

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Introducing the ONOFF Labospec FF247 Iron, Combining the unmatched "distance" with the "forgiveness" of a full-core design, you will experience an unprecedented level of distance.

The Onoff Labospec FF247 Irons are designed to provide the ideal club for golfers beyond their golf style, preference, power, and level, with a focus on offering the most suitable club for more golfers to play at Onoff. With the concept of "FLY FAR = fly far," these irons feature a full-core design and offer a significant amount of forgiveness. These irons are elegantly designed, making them stand out.

Explore High Trajectory

These irons use a tungsten alloy weight (specific gravity 17) with an almost pure purity level and are placed on the sole back side. Technological innovation provides a low center of gravity and a deep center of gravity that was previously impossible to achieve. The strong loft also ensures a high launch angle and creates a high trajectory.

Explore High Rebound

Onoff pursues irons that can fly even farther, featuring a unique iron-exclusive face structure. It sets the face to two levels of thickness, enhancing the flexibility of the lower part of the face. It delivers maximum hitting point rebound, making it possible to achieve the highest rebound force in the history of Onoff irons with the FF Iron-exclusive power wrench and L cup face structure.

Adopt Body/Face Structure to Strong Bottom Area

Expanding the area where the sole bends to approximately twice that of the previous model, it reduces the loss of distance even for off-center hits that tend to be toward the top. Moreover, it enhances the initial speed area to the left and right by applying three grooves = Full Core Groove to the toe-heel part. It produces an iron that can fly even with a misshit.

Explore the Shaft

Onoff designed an original carbon shaft for the Labospec FF Irons, pursuing not only the head's individual function but also the total club performance. It uses DAIWA's carbon technology to provide a middle-strong and high-loft iron. The FF exclusive shaft secures a high launch angle even with a head with an upright loft thanks to the flexural effect of the shaft tip.

Explore the Design

The elegant design uses black as the base color and accentuates it with blue contrast. It provides a high-quality yet sharp appearance.

LABOSPEC Harness Your Selfishness

For golfers who prioritize custom fittings, the LABOSPEC is the perfect club to add distance and precision to their game.

A New Adjustment Feature Cross Balance Technology

The unique Cross Balance Technology enables golfers to adjust the grip-side weight and customize the balance. It offers an unprecedented adjustment system for customizing the balance easily. By using separate-weight screws and CBT grips (sold separately), golfers can also achieve the perfect custom performance.



- Set contains 5 counts: #7 - #8 - #9 - PW - AW

- #5 /#6 / AS / SW will be available as extra club options.


Head Material

- I#5 ~ I#9 = High-Strength AM355P + Tungsten Alloy Weight

- PW-AW = High-Strength AM355P

- AS-SW = Forged Soft Iron



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