ONOFF Iron AKA 2022 6-PW ( 5pcs )

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Introducing ONOFF Iron AKA 2022. Large head that is easy to hold.

Evolve flight and gentleness - Direct repulsion face.

Onoff's original new iron-only face structure continues to pursue flying irons. The face is set to two levels of wall thickness, and the power trench and L-cup face structure that increase the deflection at the bottom of the face greatly increase the repulsive force at the actual hitting point. An iron that pushes the ball strongly and realizes a further increase in flight distance.

Top-like off-center hits also suppress initial velocity loss, Reduced initial velocity loss on top off-center hits, and reduced flight distance loss. In addition, the wall thickness of the heel part has been reduced to realize a full-core design that expands the high initial velocity area on the heel side.

High density tungsten weight that produces the optimum center of gravity design

A gentle iron that flies straight and raises the ball no matter where you hit it .

A tungsten weight with a specific weight 1.8 times that of the previous model is placed on the sole toe side so that the flight distance loss is reduced even if there is a miss hit on the left and right, realizing an iron with a high moment of inertia and flying straight no matter where you hit it.

An iron with excellent directional stability that is resistant to left and right hitting points - High launch, wide core, easily catch the ball

Increase the sense of security

An iron with a head shape that is easy to hold.

An orthodox head shape that is easy to hold with peace of mind, rather than a functional priority head shape that makes you feel uncomfortable when you hold it as seen in flying irons. A flying iron that has both functionality and feel, with a wider heel and a more secure feel when addressing.

ABS resin badge

An iron with a comfortable shot feeling. A new ABS resin badge is used for the back face. A comfortable feel is achieved by suppressing vibration at impact.

Face finish that achieves stable spin performance .

By milling the entire surface of the face, it suppresses variations in the amount of spin due to hitting point blurring and water droplets in the rain, and stabilizes spin performance to create a stable and large flight distance.

An original shaft born from DAIWA's carbon technology .

SMOOTH KICK MP-522I - Pursuing matching with high-performance iron heads that fly straight no matter where you hit, the shaft weight and torque are optimized for each count so that the swinging comfort for each count is the same. By using a shaft that suppresses twisting, the part suppresses directional blur due to hits and losses at the time of impact of irons that require accurate shots from various situations and has excellent directional stability. By using a material containing tungsten, the ball is easy to lift, suppresses toe-down, and realizes a comfortable swing. In addition, it suppresses unpleasant vibrations when hitting a ball, and it is a comfortable swing that is particular about the swing of the club. A shaft exclusively for the iron that comes out.

KBS TOUR LITE 100 - High trajectory, high spin, and maximum flight distance developed for players who want a lightweight shaft while maintaining the performance of KBS TOUR, which provides a smooth feel and increased flight distance by maximizing energy conduction efficiency. Brings a steel shaft.

Cross-balance technology.

Unique cross-balance technology that allows you to adjust the weight on the grip side. An unprecedented adjustment system that allows you to easily customize the balance. With the separately sold weight screw and CBT grip, it is possible to customize it to bring his performance to the best for each golfer.



- Standard shafts are KBS Tour Lite 100 ( S ) and SMOOTH KICK MP-522I

- other Shafts are custom order ( 4-6 weeks )



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