TFW Fairway Wood Shaft

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Introducing TFW Fairway wood shaft from Triαs ( Basileus ).

TFW sets the AB-MAP position optimized by extracting user needs accumulated over 10 years. Emphasis is placed on running and bending for lightweight belt users. A feeling of rigidity that can be hit is set for heavyweight users. Designed exclusively for FW to propose the optimum solution for more users. Accumulation of user data for 10 years makes it possible to propose a shaft that is easy to match with any driver shaft. "TFW" makes your FW a reliable weapon.

The classification by "AB map" is "C" for the 45 series of the lightweight band, "A / C boundary type" for the 55 series of the medium weight band, and "B / D boundary" for the 65/75/85 series of the medium to heavy band. "TFW" which adopted "type" and AB-MAP flow system. With a positioning system that can be safely proposed to mass target users by weight range, the possibility of brushing up the FW as your own weapon will be expanded. Furthermore, as a functional feature, the shaft cuttable range of the tip (Tip) is designed up to 2.5 inches, maximizing the degree of freedom of adjustment of the craftsman. For that reason, the shaft is uncut, and the total length when uncut is designed to be 45 inches, which is 1 inch longer than our normal standard. The variable functionality that makes it easy to match with the shafts of other companies and the lineup that can reach the itch are items that you can choose with confidence.

  • -The main material is PAN-based 40t, and the optimum material is arranged according to the weight band.
  • -The lightweight belt is designed with an emphasis on running. * 45/55 series
  • -High rigidity design that can hit the heavy band. * 65/75/85 series
  • -Wide coverage due to detailed lineup settings (weight / flex).
  • -All models have tip trimming up to 2.5 inches.


TFW Fairway Wood Shaft

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