Geotech Quelot Aerial 168 A-Spec Driver

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Introducing Geotech Quelot Aerial 168 A-Spec Driver, Geotech's Quelot Aerial series is their premium line of clubs made for easy distance all the time. The Aerial drivers focus on lightweight concept and technology to maximise not only overall distance but also the ease of use in obtaining that distance. All Aerial clubs are designed for huge forgiveness levels yet suit all levels of golfers looking for automatic distance. The Quelot Aerial α-SPEC 168 model is the LIGHTEST non-conforming Hi COR head we have ever designed. Increasing clubhead speed is the most effective way to increase distance. In order to increase clubhead speeds, there are many things that cannot be achieved through traditional design experience and golf club technology. The new Aerial 168 Series is our Ultra Light design that maximizes Geotech's proprietary design and technologies to create a club that contributes the most to increasing head speed. Combined with a super light shaft, a 46.5" length club that can easily be swung and can be consistently long throughout the entire round with no worry of tiring.

Feature and Technology

- UNMATCHED ULTRA LIGHT 168g HEAD - It’s been 4 years since Geotech redefined the limits of an ultralight head. Now it goes beyond those limits to create the ultimate lightweight distance driver. In order to reduce the head weight by 24g (12.5%) (compared to average market hi cor heads at 192g) Geotech redesigned the head to remove all unnecessary weight.

- HIGH REPULSION BEYOND THE RULES - Typically, the rebound performance of head increases as the weight gets heavier. So the head weight of 168g is at a disadvantage when it comes to increasing face repulsion. We were able to achieve an HI COR non-conforming head well beyond the rules through proprietary techniques and designs .

- MATCHED WITH A SUPER LIGHT SHAFT - There are currently several driver shafts on the market in the 35g range. However, if these super lightweight shafts are paired with heads that are too heavy, the balance of the club and the performance of the shaft are thrown off. The matching of a lightweight head and lightweight shaft create the proper balance and flex of the club for an easy swing and big distance.

- CLUB WEIGHT OF 228G = AMAZING SENSE OF ACCELERATION - Paired with the Fujikura (the pioneer of ultra light shafts) ultra light shaft series ZEROSPEEDER, featuring a shaft weight of 29.5g creates the perfect match for the Aerial 168. The shaft’s bend/flex profile is optimized for golfers with lower swing speeds and less power. This combination creates an unmatched 228g total club weight, which is easy to swing and creates a great sense of acceleration and powerful impact.

About This Product Listing

- Available in 3 lofts Option: 10.5 , 11.5 and 13.5 degrees

- It is head only

Geotech Quelot Aerial 168 A-Spec Driver

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