ONOFF Utility Wings Kuro 2021

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Introducing ONOFF Utility Wings Kuro 2021, Wings of a utility named after a club that can hit a trajectory as if it has wings that can be manipulated freely. A utility trusted by many professionals in pursuit of distance performance, operability, and gentleness with the optimum design for each count.

Socket by count

U3 has a short socket to give an image that makes it easy to pick up the ball and lift it up. U4 and U5 adopt a long socket that can be held with the same image as iron for easy holding and directional stability like an iron.

A unique sole groove = power trench designed in pursuit of a head that is resistant to distance performance and mistakes. The entire face flexes greatly and is restored to achieve both flying and gentleness.

Gravity Control

With the optimum center of gravity design (gravity control), the structure inside the head is changed for each count, and the center of gravity design optimized according to the required trajectory realizes an easy-to-swing utility that brings increased flight distance and controllability with a strong trajectory.

Unique Face Structure

The unique face thickness design not only improves the repulsion performance, but also expands the repulsion area, and the synergistic effect with the power trench brings a more stable and large flight distance with less loss of flight distance even at hitting points.

Smooth Pod Sole

Sole Adopts Onoff's original smooth pod sole with a dent on the leading edge side. Achieves both distance performance and directionality with outstanding pull-out.

XCBT ( Cross Balance Technology )

Unique cross-balance technology that allows you to adjust not only the head weight but also the grip side weight by exchanging the weight screw common to the head and grip. An unprecedented adjustment system that allows you to easily customize the balance. With the separately sold weight screw and CBT grip, it is possible to customize to bring the optimum performance to each golfer.

A utility that maximizes the head speed of each golfer with a head weight adjustment function that can optimize the ease of swinging, swings comfortably and realizes a new level of flight distance performance.

By replacing the weight screw (sold separately) of the head, the optimum head weight and balance can be adjusted for each golfer. The standard specification is equipped with a 7g weight. By changing the weight by ± 2g, the balance changes by ± 1.

By installing a weight of 5g (minus from standard), you can set the center of gravity to catch with a draw ball. By installing a 7g (standard) weight, you can aim with a straight ball and set the center of gravity to be properly grasped. By installing a weight of 10g (plus from the standard), you can aim with a fade ball and set it to suppress catching.



- Available in 3 lofts option: 21* / 24* / 27*

- Standard Grip is PC Rubber 360 50g

- CBT Grip Available as an option ( the price listed is include the weight screw for grip )

ONOFF Utility Wings Kuro 2021

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