ONOFF Frog's Running Ladies Wedge

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Introducing the ONOFF Frog's Running Ladies Wedge – a wedge designed to enhance your short game with a focus on precision and ease of use. Just like using a putter, this wedge features a unique 70-degree lie angle, providing you with a setup similar to a putter for improved accuracy. The added benefit of a thicker grip and a white sightline makes it easy to address the ball just like a putter and achieve precise shots that get you closer to the pin effortlessly.

Key Features:

  1. Putter-Like Setup: With a lie angle set at 70 degrees, a thicker grip, and a white sightline, you can address the ball just like a putter, making your shots easier to control and more accurate.

  2. Target-Friendly Sightline: The easy-to-see sightline helps you align your shots effectively, reducing the likelihood of mishits.

  3. Swipe Sole: The unique Onoff swipe sole design allows you to sweep through the turf without getting stuck, enhancing your contact with the ball and preventing shanks.

  4. Crank Neck Design: The crank neck design ensures that you can make full use of the clubface, even towards the heel, making it easier to handle and reducing the fear of shanking.

  5. Frog's Running Original Shaft: The shaft design is tailored to the needs of female golfers, offering a lightweight and easy-to-swing option. The logo is inspired by the actual ball flight, adding a unique touch to the design.

  6. Stable, Oversized Grip: The larger grip ensures a comfortable and stable feel during your approach shots, enhancing control and accuracy.

The ONOFF Frog's Running Ladies Wedge is designed to make your approach shots easier and more forgiving. With its unique features and design, it's an ideal choice for golfers who struggle with approach shots and bunkers. If you find wedges intimidating in situations around the green and wish to confidently approach the pin with a sweeping, putter-like motion, the "Frog's Running" wedge is your perfect solution.


ONOFF Frogs Running Ladies Wedge

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