ONOFF Forged Iron Kuro 2024 6-PW ( 5pcs )

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Introducing the ONOFF Forged Iron Kuro 2024 – a perfect blend of innovation and precision for the discerning golfer.

Elevate Ball Flight and Target the Pin

Harmony of Head & Shaft Introducing the evolved high-performance, hollow-bodied Forged Iron Kuro 2024. Developed under the guidance of ONOFF's contracted professionals, these irons bear the mark of unwavering dedication to every swing. Designed to enable players to aim with ease and accuracy, each club in this series delivers gentle power and pin-point precision. This semi-automatic, high-functioning hollow iron has transformed into a tool that effortlessly achieves higher ball flights and greater distances, allowing you to confidently target the pin like never before.

Precision in Center of Gravity for Reliable Shots

Optimized Inertia for Greater Tolerance The distribution of thickness at the central part of the back face towards both the sole and top sides enhances the vertical inertia moments. Coupled with trenches on the top blade backside that elevate rigidity, these advancements significantly minimize loss of contact when dealing with shots struck high on the face. The result is an iron head that offers improved forgiveness for both upper and lower miss-hits.

ONOFF's Unique Hollow Structure

Design Crafted for Ease and Precision Incorporating an exclusive hollow structure into a head shape thoughtfully designed for easy setup, smooth swings, and effortless alignment, the Forged Iron Kuro 2024 achieves a unique combination of high ball flight and remarkable distance, allowing you to consistently target the pin with confidence.

Meticulous Attention to a Gentle Ball Feel

Enhanced Sensation with Special Vibration-Absorbing Resin By injecting a specialized vibration-absorbing resin into the head's interior, the Forged Iron Kuro 2024 offers a responsive, yet soft sensation upon impact. The result is a balance between softness and springiness that satisfies all golfers, ensuring an unparalleled ball feel that's as forgiving as it is exhilarating.

High Initial Velocity and Forgiveness

Innovative Back Face Structure for Enhanced Performance Employing high-strength "SAE8655" spring steel for the face material and further reducing face thickness from its predecessor, the Forged Iron Kuro 2024 maximizes face resilience. This advancement translates into even better performance, delivering consistent distance even on off-center hits.

Soft Ball Feel with High Resilience

Balancing Resilience with Sensation Despite its high-resilience face material, the thoughtful thickness design of the impact point results in a soft yet responsive ball feel, satisfying the preferences of tour professionals and recreational golfers alike.

Consistency Through Stable Spin Performance

Enhanced Control with New Face Laser Milling Experience exceptional spin stability with the Forged Iron Kuro 2024, courtesy of precision face laser milling that ensures consistent spin even from challenging lies. The result is accurate shots that hit the pin with authority, regardless of the conditions.

Personalized Aiming with Face Laser Milling

Unveil "Hidden ONOFF" The strategically placed "O" of "ONOFF" at the upper heel provides a visual cue for optimal spin retention when striking below it.

Simplicity in Swing, Elevation in Flight

Original Shaft Born from "DAIWA's Carbon Technology" Equipped with the CBT: 624I shaft, meticulously designed for each club to optimize trajectory, direction, and maneuverability. Born from "DAIWA's Carbon Technology," this middle-flex carbon shaft enhances swing ease, raising the likelihood of striking those satisfying, precise shots. The Forged Iron Kuro 2024 brings to life the concept of targeting the pin with its advanced hollow structure and "DAIWA's Carbon Technology" original shaft.

MODUS3 TOUR 105 / 115

Unleash Power and Control with Steel Shaft The lineup includes MODUS3 TOUR 105 and TOUR 115, engineered to deliver formidable ball flight and heightened control, ensuring consistent distance and straight shots. These steel shafts perfectly complement the Forged Iron Kuro 2024, empowering you to confidently target the pin with these high-functioning, hollow forged irons.


- PRE-ORDER ( OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: September 9, 2023 )

- Labospec shaft is custom order ( 3-4 weeks to be shipped and cannot be canceled )



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