ONOFF Fairway Arms AKA 2024

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Introducing the ONOFF Fairway Arms AKA 2024

Golfers seeking a refined blend of performance and ease of use will find their perfect match in the ONOFF Fairway Arms AKA 2024. With meticulous engineering and advanced features, this fairway wood is designed to elevate every aspect of your game.

Designed for Confidence

Crafted with an emphasis on easy alignment and a reassuring setup, the ONOFF Fairway Arms AKA 2024 boasts a head shape and design that inspires confidence at address. Golfers can approach each shot with peace of mind, knowing they have a club they can trust.

Precision Face Milling

Thanks to Face Laser Milling technology, this fairway wood delivers consistent spin performance and minimal dispersion, regardless of weather conditions. Each shot is met with unparalleled stability and control, ensuring accuracy on every swing.

Maximum Core Engagement

Featuring a fully core-engaged head with a responsive rail sole, the ONOFF Fairway Arms AKA 2024 effortlessly launches the ball with precision and forgiveness. Its shallow profile offers a sleek appearance while instilling confidence in the golfer's ability to make solid contact.

Exclusive Power Trench Design

The exclusive Power Trench design enhances ball speed and forgiveness, allowing golfers to achieve longer distances and minimize distance loss on mis-hits. With enhanced flexibility and resilience, this innovative feature ensures consistent performance across the face.

Optimized Center of Gravity

Engineered to promote high launch and straighter shots, the ONOFF Fairway Arms AKA 2024 features an optimal center of gravity design tailored to the swings of average golfers. This strategic placement, coupled with a deep center of gravity depth, maximizes ball capture, height, and accuracy.

Expanded Cup Face Technology

Utilizing a high-strength, thin-faced cup design, this fairway wood maximizes the rebound effect and enlarges the high initial velocity area for increased distance. The result is a larger sweet spot and enhanced ball speed for improved performance.

Effortless Rail Sole

Designed with dual rails on the sole to accommodate golfers with shallow angles of attack, the ONOFF Fairway Arms AKA 2024 ensures stability and minimizes head speed loss on mishits. This innovative feature reduces resistance and facilitates a smooth release through impact, enhancing both distance and accuracy.

Unleash the Potential with DAIWA's Shaft

Paired with DAIWA's Smooth Kick MP-524F shaft, crafted from cutting-edge carbon technology, the ONOFF Fairway Arms AKA 2024 achieves optimal ball capture and trajectory. This shaft's optimized stiffness minimizes face deflection and ensures a smooth, consistent flight for every shot.

Complete with High-Performance Grip

Finish your club with the ONOFF PC Rubber 360 (45g) grip, providing a soft yet secure feel for maximum control and comfort throughout the swing.

A new dimension of adjustment function

All-core head x cross-balance technology - Unique cross-balance technology that allows you to adjust the weight on the grip side. An unprecedented adjustment system that allows you to easily customize the balance. By using the weight screw and CBT grip (sold separately), it is possible to customize the performance to best suit each golfer.

ONOFF CBT Rubber Grip Weight 43g / caliber 58

ONOFF CBT Rubber Grip II Weight 45g / caliber 60



- LABOSPEC Shaft is custom order ( 4-6 weeks )


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