Mizuno Pro 245 Irons 5-PW ( 6pcs )

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Introducing the Mizuno Pro 245 Iron – Merging Muscleback Form, Forgiveness, and Flight.

Combining the classic form reminiscent of a muscleback design with the remarkable balance of Hot Metal Blade chromoly distance and the delightful feel of soft iron, the Mizuno Pro 245 Iron stands as a testament to forging mastery. Achieving the pinnacle of repulsion in Mizuno's iron history, this iron is equipped with the innovative Core Tech Face, refining impact dynamics by thinning the center-lower section, thus elevating rebound performance*.

*Compared to Mizuno's previous models

Forgiveness and Flight through Tungsten Engineering Strategically positioning approximately 1.6 times the amount of tungsten as the Mizuno Pro 225, the Mizuno Pro 245 Iron features a low-profile tungsten structure, optimizing the center of gravity's position and depth. The expanded sole's blade thickness enhances initial ball speed, creating a high-speed zone for exceptional distance performance*.

*Compared to Mizuno's previous models

Elevating the "World Patent Feel" to New Heights With patent #6391871, Mizuno achieves a breakthrough in forging technology, allowing the harmonious forging of challenging materials like chromoly steel alongside soft iron. This remarkable feat, made possible through Mizuno's proprietary Grain Flow Forged methodology, harmonizes feel and distance by achieving enhanced face thinning for optimal repulsion, giving birth to the exceptional "Mizuno Pro."

A New Era of Forged Excellence The Mizuno Pro 245 Iron represents the answer to the golfer's quest for a captivating forged iron. It exemplifies the culmination of Mizuno's devotion to forging mastery.

Commanding Presence, Unrivaled Performance From its striking aesthetics to the compelling solid impact and impressive distance, the Mizuno Pro 245 Iron captures hearts with every swing.

These achievements are a testament to Mizuno's legacy and dedication to forging expertise, enabling groundbreaking advancements that redefine excellence.

Experience the Artistry of Forged Iron Unveil the embodiment of captivating craftsmanship – the Mizuno Pro 245 Iron.

Forging Excellence Reimagined The world once again succumbs to the allure of forging mastery.

Mizuno's Signature Forging Method Experience the "Grain Flow Forged" methodology, where a single bar is masterfully shaped from face to neck. Immerse in the distinct pleasure of Mizuno's resonant ball strike sound, a hallmark of unique feel. The unbroken grain flow lines within the metal structure, essential for exquisite sensation, remain uninterrupted within the head. With the advanced Grain Flow Forged HD technique, grain flow lines densely converge within the striking zone, resonating an extended ball strike sound that defines each swing.

*In comparison to Mizuno's casted products

Elevate your game with the Mizuno Pro 245 Iron – where forging mastery meets innovation, and each swing embodies precision and power.





material No.5-8
face part: Chromium molybdenum steel (SCM435) precision forging / 4135
body: soft stainless steel (SUS431) precision casting, tungsten weight (No.5-7 only)

No.9, PW
face part: mild steel ( S25CM) precision forging / 1025E
body: soft stainless steel (SUS431) precision casting
country of origin made in Japan
detail Set of 6 irons (No.5-9, PW)
finish Nickel-chromium copper underplating, satin finish
loft angle (degrees) No.5/24, No.6/27, No.7/30, No.8/34, No.9/38, PW/43
shaft Dynamic Gold 95 (S200/95g) / MODUS3 TOUR105 (S/106.5g)
grip Golf Pride M31 Rubber Grip (Mizuno Original) (43ME88000)
Caliber M60/49g

Dynamic Gold 95 No.5~9/D1 - PW/D2

MODUS3 TOUR105 No.5~9/D1 PW/D2

club mass S200/about 418g (No.7: reference value) / S /about 420g (No.7: reference value)

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