Mizuno ST-Z 230 Fairway Wood

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Introducing the Mizuno ST-Z 230 Fairway Wood.

The Mizuno ST-Z 230 Fairway Wood is the culmination of four years of relentless innovation and a global development journey. This exceptional club introduces a revolutionary technology known as "CORTECH CHAMBER" that is set to redefine your fairway wood experience.

CORTECH CHAMBER: Unlocking New Performance

CORTECH CHAMBER is a groundbreaking technology that seamlessly integrates TPU components with a stainless steel core. The result is a significant improvement in rebound performance*, offering golfers the potential to achieve even greater distances with their shots*.

Pursuing Unprecedented Initial Ball Speeds

Mizuno has introduced the exclusive "CORETECH CHAMBER," a unique feature that is engineered to take your initial ball speeds to a whole new level. By integrating urethane resin with stainless steel, this technology enhances rebound force, promising an enhanced launch and increased ball speed. The synergy between the clubhead and the ball, achieved through this technology, elevates your performance by boosting initial ball speed and extending the distance of your shots.

High-Strength Maraging Steel (MAS1C): Power and Precision

The face of the ST-Z 230 Fairway Wood is constructed from MAS1C maraging steel, renowned for its high rebound performance. The lower center of gravity and deep center depth make it easier to get the ball off the ground, ensuring both a higher launch and a powerful trajectory. This combination results in a club that is easy to hit and delivers a strong, commanding ball flight.

CORETECH Face: Unleash the Power

The innovative CORETECH Face boasts a unique design, featuring a thicker center and thinner edges. This design amplifies the club's flexibility, especially in the center of the face, providing high rebound performance across a broader area. It allows golfers to maximize their shot performance within the legal limits of rebound stipulated by the rules.

Quick Switch: Customize Your Experience

The ST-Z 230 Fairway Wood incorporates the "Quick Switch" structure, enabling you to easily adjust the loft and lie angles to match your swing and achieve your desired ball trajectory. This customizable feature ensures that your club fits your playing style perfectly, allowing you to take your game to the next level.

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