Left Handed Geotech GT 45N SWS Driver Head Only 2101-03

Left Handed Geotech GT 45N SWS Driver Head Only 2101-03

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Geotech introduces their Left Handed GT 45N SWS driver. Aimed at the mid to higher handicap player wanting a an easy to launch strong and penetrating trajectory distance driver that is forgiving and feels good at impact.

The Lefty GT 45N SWS Driver comes in 3 lofts a 9.5* model with square face, a 10.5* model with 0.5* closed face and a 11.5* with 1.0* closed face. The heads are 450cc in size and while it does feature a reasonably shallow face at 53mm high, the head design is still rather high back. With a very low CG placement of 33.6mm but not so deep 38.4mm in the conforming model, a stronger low spin trajectory is produced.  They used CAD design to create an optimal head design with a CG placement to create a forgiving head with a large sweet spot.

The face of the driver is a variable thickness face and features a design more suited for the average golfer.  Its longer rather than deeper which favors miss hits towards the toe and heel, the typical misses for higher handicap players. The lie angle is pretty much along the lines of most retail drivers these days ranging from 60* for the 9.5* to 61* for the 11.5*. Better players seem to like flatter lie angles to help reduce shots left. Geotech used their decades of experience in precision casting to manufacture this driver along with its finely plasma welded face. They utilized a method called investment casting to create consistent thickness through out the head. The conforming GT is all Ti while the Alpha Spec features a springy high COR SP700 face.It has a standard head weight of 194g which is best suited for a build 45.5" or longer.

Like all GT models the weights are interchangeable which can increase overall head weight for a higher swing weight or shorter length club and also alter the bias of the head and trajectory. The standard head comes with 4g toe and heel weights for a total of 8g in back weighting. Additional weights up to 7g each and lighter weights can also be purchased for different combinations.

It does not come with a head cover and additional weights and weight wrench are sold separately.

The new GT 45N SWS drivers take 0.335" tip shafts.


Geotech GT 45N SWS Left Handed Driver Head

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