jBeam ZY-7 Driver

jBeam ZY-7 Driver

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A little background on why the new ZY-7 is such a highly anticipated driver.  J-Beam has been known to produce some of the best and longest drivers in all of Japan many of their models have unique spin reduction and launch characteristics.  Many brands like Crazy, TRPX and others have sought to collaborate with Jbeam seeking similar performance in their clubs.  This new ZY-7 is being used on the Japan Long Drive Tour by JBEAM sponsored player Yasuhiro Yamazaki as a prototype already securing him the top spot twice in his last two events.

The history of Jbeam's drivers date back more than 30 years where Mr. Kazuhiro-san the father of the current president shown below was a persimmon driver artisan famous in Japan,  for years Kazuhiro-san watched his father meticulously grind wooden heads to the specifications of many of Japan's best professional players.  Kazuhiro-san has taken much of what his father has taught him and incorporated modern technology and his personal philosophy on how to create maximum distance for many types of players.

The ZY Series driver was originally unveiled as the ZY-11 a club that has been in my personal bag and the bags of many of TSG's most discerning customers for a while,  the ZY-11 features a foamed head for a unique muted impact and sound along with an extremely deep face profile.

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jBeam ZY-7 Driver

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