Freiheit The-G The-Driver

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Introducing Freiheit The-G The-Driver, Great pleasant sensation with straight flight and great distance.


Handsome shape while conventional helps the player to focus on that one shot.

Full-sized 460cc head, compiled our designing know-how and experience, has the signature shape as larger face progression and signature neck position slightly moved toward the rear.

Designed the shape to be rounded from face to toe and looked not so large while the full-size body, it makes to feel face be square at impact. In addition, the signature neck position makes to address the ball squally and be positioned to the left heel spontaneously and easily. Feel of confidence in address bring a great impact and follow through to players' swing with a pleasing feel.


Ultimate design for Center of Gravity finally achieved both of distance and accuracy.

It is said that large CG distance creates more distance, large CG angle creates draw-based ball flight and etc. Is it true? We had reached one conclusion after the uncompromising approach to head design with many experiments and verification, and finally, bring the New-Standard of CG design to completion.

Recommended especially to the golfers who suffer from a little bit of or occasional slice with the driver which designed as large CG distance and became main-stream recently. The straight and consistent trajectory of the new CG design enables players to swing hard with confidence and without caring about the impact point.

Hitting feel・Adjustment function

Adjustable hosel and weight screw bring to tune a good driver into own great driver.

Responsive feel and pleasing sound at impact are even more impressive and it generates more aggressive swing to bring big carry.

Newly employed a non-rotating adjustable hosel and its system keeps the shaft in consistent alignment regardless of loft and lies angle, and it allows to select 4 positions for loft and 2 positions for the lie. As same as the previous model, two adjustable weight screws are mounted on the back of the sole and it is also changeable for adjusting the head weight and club balance.

*weight screw is common to all driver models and the torque wrench is common to adjustable hosel and weight screw.



- Head Only

- Loft is 10*

- Conforming to SLE Rules


Loft Angle (°)± 10.0 ※
Lie Angle (°)± 57 ※
Face Angle (°)± square
Head Weight (g)± 198
Screw Weight (g)± Heel:8  Toe:4
Head Volume (cc)± 460
Material Face: 4.5-3-2-2Ti (β Rich Titanium) α+β Forged Cup Face

Body: Ti-811 Vacuum Precision Investment Casting

Weight screw: 4g (Stainless Alloy), 8g (Tungsten Nickle Alloy)

*The variable sleeve is standard at "±0" and "N". The loft angle can be adjusted to "-1, ±0, +1, +2" and the
lie angle can be adjusted to "N (neutral)" or "U (upright)".


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