Freiheit The-G Ti Fairway Wood Type-S

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Introducing Freiheit The-G Ti Fairway Wood Type-S, Maximizing Speed, Forgiveness, and Consistency with a clean sharper look! A highly refined ‘OTOKOMAE’ head appears with improving the performance and forgiveness. A new fairway weapon designed without compromise is newly released for the golfers who never compromise on the golf club.


Clean and compact head shape inspire confidence and help to focus on the shot.

Ti FW TYPE-S features a more orthodox shape rounded from face to toe, the compact and workable head helps the golfer to more focus on a shot and trajectory. A simple and clean look, coupled with a semi-deep head, would satisfy the golfer, especially who tend to feel uncomfortable with a larger-sized head.

A high-polish black coating is applied to the entire of body and employed a Black-IP finish for the face and sole. Satin finish for the face will reduce glare at the address and mirror finish for the sole provide a premium look. The leading edge is designed to look straighter and a white line at the bottom of the score-line help to keep the club's face square to the target.


Optimized gravity design provides higher speed, higher launch, and longer flight.

Face and body is integrally molded using titanium alloy and stainless steel (using special joining technology of dissimilar metals), titanium alloy which is high intensity, low specific-gravity and high elasticity applied to the face and body, and stainless steel which is high specific-gravity is applied to the sole. This body design pushes CG lower and CG height on the face to be adjusted as a ball center to reduce energy loss at impact, and then result in better ball speed and higher max height.

Interchangeable two-tier Front/Back Weight System allows to significantly change CG position and it allows for player’s adjustability of trajectory and spin rate. This comes standard with 12g weight in front and 4g in back. Forward CG position help to produce faster ball speed and lower launch and the back position help to produce higher launch and more forgiveness.

Well-constructed body design also produces high MOI, it performed to increase 14% over original Ti FW that even had high MOI. It brings more stability and forgiveness in addition to the distance.

Hitting feel・Adjustment function

Combination of face material and body design provides a present feel and sound at impact. Employed the 6AL-4 titanium for the face, it creates a soft feel that the ball seems to stick to the face, yet it has moderate pop at impact.

Two weight screw on the sole is also exchangeable for other weight screws. It allows to change head-weight as per preference and allows the golfers to assemble their own club with the preferred length, balance, and weight.

Weight screw is common with THE-G Ti FW MIDSIZE.



- Head Only

- Loft is 10*

- Conforming to SLE Rules


Number #3 #5
Loft Angle (°)± 14.5 17.5
Lie Angle (°)± 57.5 58
Face angle (°)± square
Head Weight(g)± 211 215
Screw Weight Front:12g  Back:4g
Head volume (cc) 175 165
Material/Manufacturing method [Material] Face & Body: 6AL-4V Titanium
Sole: 17-4PH Stainless Steel
Weight Screw: Tungsten Alloy 12g x 1,
Stainless Alloy 4g x 1
[Structure] Special composite titanium structure

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