Freiheit The-G Ti Fairway Wood Mid Size

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Introducing Freiheit The-G Ti Fairway Wood Mid Size. Here comes the larger sized model of the ‘Handsome’ which is focusing on all of the features, shape looking, carry distance, hitting sensation and remarkable distance, easy high launch and excellent hitting sensation, which are highly evaluated for THE-G Ti FW, keeping those performances, ‘MID SIZE’ is newly developed for the players who desire the greater sense of security at the addressing.

Achieving the largest level of MOI, it provide the long distance and excellent directionality with the exceptional easiness. Two weight screws on the sole provide the wide span of adjustable range, it allow to assemble the club with suitable length and balance for the player’s swing type.

Face and Shape - Designed to be a slightly larger size head compared with the existing model THE-G Ti FW (25cc increased for #3). MID-SIZE head enhance the sense of security at the time of addressing.

Trajectory - The body and face is integrally molded by the titanium which is high intensity and low specific gravity, the sole is entirely molded by stainless which is high specific gravity. This unique structure combined with the weight screw mounted on the sole make it possible to design to be the low center of gravity and the ideal height of the gravitational center on the face. Then it brings to transmit impact power efficiently to the ball and finally to earn the extra distance with high trajectory.

Carry - Placing the wait on the sides of the toe and heal both of the inside and outside (weight screw), it achieved one of the largest moment of inertia out of the same sized heads. Relatively larger gravity angle and longer centroid distance makes easier to hit high draw, and to improve the carry.

Hitting Feeling - Employed the 6AL-4 titanium for the face, it create a soft hitting sensation that feel like a ball stick to the face while bouncing the ball hard.

Release Date: August, 2018

Freiheit The-G Ti Fairway Wood Mid Size

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