Basileus Tri: Fiamma Shaft

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Introducing Basileus Tri Fiamma Shaft, Tri:Fiamma has all the meanings of TRIαS, TRI <3>, and TRY <challenge> in its name. The birth of the third generation, ten years after the first Fiamma was developed. Lights an advancing flame in the minds of athletes pursuing distance.

The classification in the "AB map" is "A", "Tri: Fiamma" is dedicated for golfers who operate the shaft with swing tempo and rhythm, the rigidity at hand is designed with an emphasis on stable behavior. The basic concept is inherited from the previous model Fiamma series, but a new standard design using Pan 50t as its main material, realizes a balance between low torque and comfortable flexibility.

Since the rigidity of the middle part is increased, the C / B value is a little high at 0.66 (60 / S), so there is a little delay at hand, and it is designed to be compatible with golfers with a slightly faster swing tempo.

In addition, the high rigidity from the hand to the middle makes it easier to feel the acceleration of the head at the tip.

The T / C value is 0.50 (60 / S), which gives the head propulsion and make it easier to catch the ball.

"Tri: Fiamma" is a shaft for athletes that emphasizes distance and achieves a reliable ball grip and a strong initial velocity by giving a sharp bend to the hand side and the tip side.

  • -New design using PAN-based ultra-high elasticity 50t carbon fiber for the entire length.
  • -Adopts ultra-high elasticity 70t cross bias at the tip, which is also used in premium models.
  • -Exhilarating swinging feeling that emphasizes the running feeling of the shaft.
  • -Improved directionality by "low torque design" produced by ultra-high elastic fiber.
  • -Matches hard swingers that emphasize quick swing tempo and rhythm.

(* Dr / FW combined model)

Basileus Tri Fiamma Shaft

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