Basileus α Alpha II Shaft

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Introducing Basileus α Alpha II Shaft.

The latest design model of the first Basileus α that realized overwhelming flight distance performance, incorporating advanced materials born with the changing times and further brushing up. The "Basileus αII", which has a lineup of lightweight models in the 40g range that could not be achieved in the first generation, is the best for shaping the ideal of golfers, in line with the weight reduction of the shaft that meets the needs of the times. Become a weapon.

"Basileus αⅡ" which is "A" in the classification on the AB map. Designed to suppress bending from the hand to the middle part and run strongly from the tip to the middle part. The C / B value, which is an index of the feeling of bending, is set to 0.66 (60 / S), which is a hard setting. The design that concentrates the power of the swing from the tip to the middle part makes it a shaft that flies by running and flipping. The T / C value is 0.48 (60 / S), which makes it easier to catch the ball. However, the low torque design makes it difficult for mistakes to the left to appear even if you hit it hard, and it is suitable for swingers. You can feel a thick impact. Compared to the original αII, the 70t cross bias sheet at the tip suppresses excess torque (twist) and shows a sharper, concentrated movement on the swing trajectory. α is foolish. It can be said that it is a reliable shaft that matches the hard swinger due to the sprinting of the tip.

  • -Full length ultra-high elasticity 80t carbon fiber + PAN type 40t, and ultra-high elasticity 70t cross sheet placed at the tip is adopted. <* 1> <* 2>
  • -40-R2 / R adopts ultra-high elasticity 80t hybrid seat + ultra-high elasticity 70t cross seat at the tip to realize weight reduction + low torque. <* 2>
  • -40-S uses a PAN-based 50t sheet that achieves the optimum balance of weight reduction + hardness + strength. <* 2>
  • -Low torque and stable running produced by each model and optimal material arrangement.
  • -A shining RSP design is applied to the middle part of the shaft to express a feeling of condensed power.
  • * 1 Adopted for 50-R / S / X 60-S / X Prospec 60-X / 70-X
  • * 2 Driver model


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