Romaro Ray α Utility

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Introducing Romaro Ray α ( Alpha ) Utility which has strong high trajectory that changes the concept of utility. Alpha UT attacking unfilled distance.

Quattro cup face earns flying distance at first speed

A light, thin, strong new material, titanium zirconium alloy (RZR446 titanium). The wide area repulsive face with Quattro design similar to the driver contributes to the increased distance with high initial speed. In combination with a stainless steel body with a specific gravity difference, the sweet area is large and has a high tolerance to off-center hits. The ball has a good grip and achieves high launch and straight proper trajectory.

* Quattro Design is A four-stage thick design that supports the amateur golfer's batting gap. The edge of the cup face is thin and the same thickness with the four corners raised to achieve greater deflection.

New semi-large head with strength for kindness

A semi-large-sized head shape that can take an address naturally without a sense of incongruity with the target and has a sense of security in appearance. The bulge behind the head envelops the ball and gives a strong push-out image, allowing for a solid, unbeatable impact. The two-piece construction of different material combinations achieves a low and deep center of gravity value and achieves both ballistic height and strength. The sole shape is a moderate round, with good sitting and a good escape from the lie.

* Core System is A weight distribution structure in which weights are placed on the center of gravity line inside the head to ensure a well-balanced setting of the center of gravity. The smooth head track supports square impact and has the role of maximizing ball impact.

About This Product Listing

- Available in 4 lofts option: 21* / 24* / 27* / 30*

- Comes with RJ-TF UT shaft ( A lightweight model that runs the head in the form of the entire shaft and enhances its pliability and stability. The low swing speed holds the ball, makes it easy to climb, and has a comfortable swinging shaft. )

Romaro Ray Alpha Utility

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