Orion SPY-2 Type G Wedge

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Introducing the Orion SPY-2 Type G Wedge, the epitome of evolution in Orion's high-end collection. Meticulously crafted from premium S15C soft iron forging, each head offers a tantalizing sensation upon impact. Prepare to be captivated by the remarkable feel of this wedge, painstakingly polished to perfection.

Unleash unrivaled spin and control performance with the flawless combination of CNC-machined face and precision scorelines. The face, masterfully engineered with cutting-edge technology, ensures exceptional spin rates and unprecedented command over your shots. Get ready to dominate your short game and mesmerize with every swing, as this wedge empowers you to take control like never before.

Embrace the elegance of simplicity with the Orion SPY-2 Type G Wedge, designed for effortless setup and versatility. The relatively straight leading edge allows for easy alignment, promoting a square-faced position with confidence. The slightly rounded tip of the leading edge enhances the sensation of effortlessly gliding the sole through impact, providing a reassuring and reliable feel during approaches, bunker shots, and other critical situations. This wedge is the epitome of an automatic-style wedge, focusing on assurance and consistency.

Embark on a journey of adaptability with the tried-and-true rounded sole design. Designed to conquer any lie and situation, the wide-rounded sole effortlessly navigates through various lies and turf conditions. Whether faced with different lies or playing on different surfaces, rest assured that this wedge will rise to the challenge. Please note that the 56° and 58° options exclusively feature a 13° bounce angle, perfectly tailored for all your needs.

Experience the pinnacle of craftsmanship and performance with the Orion SPY-2 Type G Wedge. Meticulously handcrafted using S15C forged soft iron, this wedge delivers unparalleled quality and performance. From the precise CNC machining to the intricate application of scorelines, no detail is overlooked. Finally, the wedge is impeccably finished with a nickel chrome plating, resulting in a captivating satin sheen.

Take your game to new heights with the Orion SPY-2 Type G Wedge. Its versatility, reliability, and effortless elegance will elevate your short game and leave a lasting impression on every shot.


- Head Only

- Available in 2 head finishes, plating ( standard ) and non-plating ( custom order, 4-6 weeks )


Loft (±1°) 48° 50° 52° 54° 56° 58° 60°
Lie angle (±1°) 63° 63° 63° 63° 63.5° 63.5° 63.5°
Bounce (±0.5°) 10° 10° 10° 13° 13°
Head weight (±2g) 296g 296g 296g 296g 300g 300g 300g


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