ONOFF LaboSpec FF-247Ⅲ Irons 7-AW ( 5pcs )

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Introducing ONOFF Labospec FF-247 III Iron. Labospec is developed to provide the best club for more golfers playing onoff, regardless of golf style, orientation, power, or level. Designed with the concept of "FLY FAR = fly far away", the "Onoff Iron Lab Spec FF-247Ⅲ" is a limited-edition model.


Fearless Design

A head with a gunmetal ion plating finish that is not easily scratched. A fearless and stylish design that is particular about not only the shaft but also the color of the grip. This is a limited edition model that can only be purchased at the Lab Shop and Club Onoff Online Shop for golfers who are particular about design as well as function.

Direct Repulsion Face

Onoff's original new iron-only face structure that continues to pursue flying irons. The face is set to two levels of wall thickness, and the evolved power trench and L-cup face structure that increase the deflection of the lower part of the face greatly increase the repulsive force at the actual hitting point. Push the ball harder than ever to achieve a further increase in flight distance. In particular, the top-like off-center hit reduces the loss of flight distance. In addition, three grooves = full core grooves are applied to the toe and heel parts to expand the high initial velocity area to the left and right. Realizes an iron that flies even if you make a mistake.

Optimum center of Gravity Design

Placed on the entire 110g tungsten weight sole, the ball is easy to lift, reducing the flight distance loss due to a miss-hit, and achieving a deep and low center of gravity. With a high trajectory, Onoff has realized a flying iron that can be easily flown.

Large Head that is easy to hold

By using an orthodox head shape that makes it easy to hold with peace of mind, instead of a head shape that gives priority to functionality that makes you feel uncomfortable when you hold it, you can achieve a high-performance iron that has both functionalities and feel. With a head shape that makes you feel gentle and flying, it is a fluttering iron with a repelling sound.


- Set contains 5 counts: #7 - #8 - #9 - PW - AW

- #5 / #6 / AS / SW will be available as extra club options.

- #5 is custom order ( takes 3-4 weeks to be shipped )

- Release date: January 2021.

ONOFF LaboSpec FF-247Ⅲ Iron

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