Mizuno ST-Z 230 Utility

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Introducing the Mizuno ST-Z 230 Utility: Elevate Your Performance

Embarking on its journey four years ago with the ST Series, Mizuno has traveled the world in pursuit of a groundbreaking technology, and the result is nothing short of extraordinary. The "CORTECH CHAMBER" is here to redefine utility clubs and push the boundaries of your golf game.


The "CORTECH CHAMBER" technology, born from the fusion of TPU components with stainless steel, is the cornerstone of this remarkable utility club. This unique amalgamation significantly enhances rebound performance*, promising to deliver longer and more accurate shots*. Mizuno's iconic irons now have an equally iconic driver to complement them, and it's finally here.

Unparalleled Initial Ball Speeds

In the quest for unparalleled initial ball speeds, Mizuno introduces the exclusive "CORETECH CHAMBER." This technology seamlessly integrates urethane resin with stainless steel, boosting rebound force to achieve extraordinary performance. When your clubhead meets the ball, the urethane resin and stainless steel work together to create a momentum towards the flight path, enhancing initial ball speed and setting new standards for distance performance.

High-Strength Maraging Steel (MAS1C): The Key to Power and Precision

The face of the ST-Z 230 Utility Club is crafted from high-strength MAS1C maraging steel. Known for its exceptional rebound performance, it ensures your ball takes off with incredible speed. Furthermore, the club's lower center of gravity and deep center depth provide optimal launch conditions, making it effortless to get your ball airborne and allowing for powerful, commanding ball flights.

CORETECH Face: Optimizing Performance

The CORETECH Face is designed with a unique thickness pattern, featuring a thicker center and thinner edges. This strategic design amplifies the face's flexibility, especially in the center area, ensuring high rebound performance throughout the entire face. You can be confident that your club is operating at peak performance, fully compliant with the rules' allowable rebound limits.

Quick Switch: Tailored to Your Needs

The ST-Z 230 Utility Club incorporates the innovative "Quick Switch" structure, providing the flexibility to adjust the loft and lie angles to match your swing and desired ball trajectory. This customizable feature ensures your club is perfectly tailored to your playing style, allowing you to elevate your game and reach new heights on the course.


Mizuno ST-Z 230 Utility

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