KYOEI Forged Raw Blank W-08 Wedges ( 3pcs )

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The W-08 Wedge is currently out of stock and will be available again in May - June 2022

The W-08 is KYOEI’s most popular wedge mold, countless JDM brands have used this mold to produce their most premium wedges. This mold has extra metal on the sole to allow for more creativity during the grinding process. It is a normal size wedge mold that can be ground to keep its size or become smaller. Conforming Grooves.

TourSpecGolf is making Japan forged wedge blanks available to enthusiast and professional crafters worldwide. These are Japan forged from Himeji Japan quad pressed with a precision press done afterward.

The first thing done was we pressed conforming grooves into the face. We also used a face flattening machine as these two machines required are not found in a grinders workshop.

The neck and hosels were also done so that minimal work was needed to get these ready for play after the grind work is done.

We also ordered these with the leading edge pre-prepared so that the crafter can round down or create the lead edge they need.

They are labeled A, S, and L for gap, sand, and lob. You may think there is gooseneck aka offset based on the photo above but the S wedge can be ground to have zero offset to slight onset.

Most wedges come in at about 300g head weights when complete. We ordered these heavy above 25g each which will allow you to put even the craziest of grinds on them. From left to right A, S, L. So you have plenty of room for error or to take metal off these heads.

About This Product Listing

- Contains 3 pieces of Raw Wedge Heads ( A, S, L )

- Customer Can Bend / Adjust Bounce / Grind



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