2021 KYOEI KK Heritage CB Irons 4-PW ( 7pcs )

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Introducing the 2021 KYOEI KK Heritage Cavity Back Iron! A very simple and classic design featuring some notable improvements in shape and design.  KYOEI has decided to continue the evolution of their original cavity back but further improve it by using an all-new mold, new grind, and shape adjustments.  The Heritage series will stay true to the molds and classic aesthetics that their clients return for.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, KYOEI is a factory located in Ichikawa Japan (HIMEJI).  It is known today as Japan’s original golf club foundry and factory.  Many industry masters have honed their skills within their walls,  even old man Miura was an employee there and openly praises KYOEI as the job where he learned about forging techniques and perfected his grinding.  He is not the only one though,  countless industry masters have learned during extended and sometimes even short visits.

KYOEI is still today the only factory in all of Japan to do forging, grinding, finishing, and polishing,  they stock hundreds of heavy molds to produce some of the world's most famous one-piece forgings.

The new 2021 KK Heritage CB features a very little offset,  a thin topline with slightly heavier heads and lofts based on a 46* pitching wedge.  It is designed for the mid to low handicap player or even the professional golfer looking for a single-piece forged players cavity design that produces an amazing feel with excellent accuracy and workability.  Forged, finished, and ground at KYOEI using premium Japanese forgings for the most demanding golfers.

Areas of improvement over its predecessor include reduced offset, improved neck transition, shorter heel-to-toe length,  new sole # stamping font, updated 3-cut sole, and custom paint fill offered. These adjustments take the classic KK CB to a whole new level for the JDM enthusiast.

In a time where even the most well-known Japanese brands mass produces their products using lightweight molds with little polishing, KYOEI stands out by using heavy heads, original one-piece molds and does every process in-house.   In a time where the majority of golf clubs sold are made in China and brands, you want something special, historical that performs and feels the best so that you can enjoy golf the way it should be.  Take pride and take care in what you play!

2021 Kyoei K1 Heritage CB Iron Specification

COUNT LOFT ( ° ) LIE ( ° ) F.P. BOUNCE ( ° ) WEIGHT ( g )
#4 22 60.0 5.5 0 252
#5 26 60.5 5.5 0 259
#6 30 61.0 5.5 1 266
#7 34 61.5 5.5 2 273
#8 38 62.0 5.5 3 280
#9 42 62.5 6.0 4 287
PW 46 63.0 6.0 5 295

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