Freiheit The-G 304 Forged Triangle Wedge

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Introducing Freiheit The-G 304 Forged Triangle Wedge. Named the ‘Triangle Wedge’, newly joined in the ‘THE-G’ series Improved the ‘Handsome’ and reliable equipment to be tuned up only for you. Highly valued by the golfers who are particular about the wedges.

Designed to be the triangle shape specified for high-toe and low-heel, which make it easier to open the face. The whole head shape makes the golfers to get an image of cutting across the ball from out to in with using the face across from the heel to toe. Strong goose-neck (2mm of face progression) makes it easier to image the trajectory toward the target, and helps the golfer to take dead aim with the controlled trajectory as imaged.


Spin performance・Trajectory

Coupled with the little larger bounce angel, it enables golfers to hit the ball low even in case that ball is sitting up on the turf, such as the very common case at Japanese golf course. And little higher gravity position (by long hosel and adjusting the face sickness) and high precision milling process improved the spin performance.

In the synergistic effect of them it enables the low trajectory and the ball to stop quickly on the green on the approach shot.

Feeling・Adjustment function

Employed the soft materials which is hard to rust with the non-plated finish, it provides the excellent and soft hitting feeling.

Sole is designed as simple shape and having largish bounce angle. And its material also has the excellent machinability, so that the sole is able to be grinded in order to adjust the sole shape according to the golfer’s awing type and taste.

Three adjustable Weight Screw mounted on the back face (1g,3g,1g; default setting) provide the adjustability for the club balance assembling with various types of shaft length and weight. Weight screws are prepared 3 types of 1g, 3g and 5g (they are common with Forged wedges).

Digital font pattern on the back face is prepared for displaying a 2 digit number by ink-in, it is able to change the displayed value after changing the loft angle.

About This Product Listing

- Available in 1 loft: 56*

- Head Only


Freiheit The-G 304 Forged Wedge

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