Fire Express SL Prototype Shaft

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Introducing Fire Express SL Prototype Shaft. Even with the short length specifications, Fire Express was particular about speed!

It is said that there are a certain number of short-oriented players, but except for athlete golfers who have a fast swing speed, many people want to increase the meet rate.

However, for those who have already tried the short specifications, after the meet rate has increased and the directional stability has improved, there seems to be a growing demand for "more flight distance while keeping this."

Therefore, it was developed with the theme of improving flight distance performance while maintaining high directional stability, which is a merit of short length.

Higher tip rigidity is set to increase the meat rate. The rigidity of the hand part naturally increases due to the tapered shape of the shaft in order to give flexibility to the middle part. And, by lowering the rigidity of the middle part, we adopted a design that maximizes the bending of the shaft while the club length is short. It improves the feeling that the shaft becomes stiff and the trajectory becomes low due to the shortening of the club.

Emphasis is placed on matching with a head with a high moment of inertia, which is popular recently. Such a head has a long center of gravity, which makes it easy to feel the weight of the head during a swing. Therefore, pay attention to the fact that even if the value of the balance meter, which is linked to the shortening of the club, is low, the feeling is not too light due to the bending of the shaft. With the balance value that you are familiar with from the past, it may be heavy and difficult to swing.

In recent clubs with various specifications such as club length and shaft weight, it is recommended to finish and use it regardless of the value of the balance meter.


- Driver Shaft


- The frequency is a guide when assembling with a head of 200 g and 44.5 inches (measured by the 60 degree method). In variable clubs, the value may change significantly due to the shallow insertion of the hosel.

- The chip parallel length is 50 mm.


Fire Express SL Prototype Shaft

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