Fire Express HR Shaft

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Introducing Fire Express HR Shaft. The impact of the hot shaft "HOT ROD" is the fastest in the series!

Fire-Express, which made its brand debut in 2009. The memorable 10th-year shaft is the "Fire-Express HR", which is thoroughly focused on distance performance.

When considering the factors for increasing flight distance, the simplest thing is "head speed up". With the latest design, it suppresses extreme turns of the face and is equipped with a function to increase head speed while maintaining directional stability.

Many players who are new to HR will initially be a little over-grabbed and confused by top shots. It is due to the head running that exceeds the player's expectations. When it is possible to cope with the speed of this HR, it is a shaft that "motivates the challenge" that makes it possible to obtain a flight distance that could not be experienced with conventional shafts.

The weight band is 40g, 50g, 60g. "6AX SOF (six-axis cloth sheet)" is newly adopted for the outer layer of the shaft. Deformation in all directions is suppressed and directional stability is improved. The 40g range is a bold design that uses Toray's high-elasticity, high-strength (high-tensile graphite) "TORAYCA® T1100G" for more than 80% of the shaft stacking.

A "tungsten powder sheet" is used at the tip to prevent the head from losing, which is often the case with lightweight shafts, while keeping the head running. It is possible to eliminate the low launch angle that golfers with a head speed of 30 tend to worry about and to swing and stretch.

In addition to the highly elastic sheet of 40t for the 50g range and 50t for the 60g range, "TORAYCA® T1100G" is used for the entire length. The laminated layer with a high elasticity ratio, combined with the 6-axis braided cloth, gives a sharp feeling reminiscent of a sports car that runs agile and light.

The reinforcement of the middle part is "TORAYCA® T1100G" for the 40g level, and the 50g level and 60g level are 10-axis structures combined with the 6-axis braid of the outer layer using the 4-axis braid. We have succeeded in achieving the tip of the run while stabilizing the swing plane without increasing the rigidity excessively.

As for the appearance, the hand part and the tip part have a red clear finish. Gold in the middle is the basic color of the Fire-Express series. The appearance of the shaft exposed to the sunlight on the course is deep and transparent, and it reflects the 6-axis cloth sheet, which makes the player feel hot as a hot rod.


- Driver Shaft

- Available in 3 models based on weight

- The frequency is a guide when assembled with a head of 198 g and 45.75 inches (measured by the 60 degree method).

- The chip parallel length is 50 mm.


Fire Express HR Shaft

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