Eon Sports TW15 Giga Forged Wedge

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Eon Sports introduces Eon Sports TW15 Giga Forged Wedge which has variable weight enables center of gravity set according to taste. Customizability which could not be obtained by shape only, spin performance on one rank and operability is realized. It is highly resistant to miss hits and enables highly accurate approach shots.


Center of gravity customization

Weight of initial setting is 3 types of 5 · 4 · 1 g from the heel. Customized to your favorite waving comfort by swapping positions. Setting heavily weighted on the heel side and light on the toe side (Initial setting) When setting reverse, it becomes strong setting against mistake. Also, by using optional weights, you can further customize the balance to your preference.

Extraordinary spin. Original score line and milling

The original design score line maximizes the surface area inside the groove to the limit. Spin performance is greatly improved. In addition, laser-milling which is uniformly and maximized by computer control greatly reduces contact between foreign objects such as water and turf and balls. Maintain spin performance.

Tapered top blade

With a high center of gravity design with a thickness (9 mm) on top of the blade, the synergistic effect with the variable weight raises the moment of inertia of the top and bottom. It is strong against shaking up and down of the hit point, bringing a stable spin amount and flight distance that will not lose even to a deep rough.

Pursuit of hit feeling

Using soft iron (S20C), adopt the cast forging process. I asked for the best hit feeling and control performance. In addition, it enhances the flatness accuracy of the face, as well as the hit feeling, to demonstrate excellent spin performance.

Sole variation

The optimal sole shape for each lie. 48, 50, and 52 are sole cut suitable for full shot, 56 is shape which can also correspond to opening and closing of face, etc. 58 is the sole shape which is easiest to operate when opening and closing the face.

About This Product Listing

- Available in 4 lofts option: 48* / 50* / 52* / 56* / 58*

- Comes with Dynamic Gold S200 or NSPRO 950GH (S) as its standard shaft

- Available in 2 head finishes option: Chrome Satin / Black IP

Eon Sports TW15 Giga Forged Wedge

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