Basileus Tri: Spada Shaft

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Introducing Basileus Tri: Spada Shaft, the third generation of the Spada model. Tri Spada's name incorporates all the meanings of TRIαS, TRI<3>, and TRY, was born 10 years after the development of the first-generation Spada. The third generation of Tri Spada was born 10 years after the development of the first Spada, and it delivers a blow to athletes who pursue high rigidity that can be beaten. (*Model for both Dr and FW)

The "Tri:Spada" is classified as "B" on the AB Map.

It is designed for power hitters who create impact purely on their own timing, with an emphasis on overall rigidity. The basic concept is inherited from the previous Spada series, but a new standard design using Pan 50t as the main material achieves a balance between low torque and comfortable elasticity. The C/B value is 0.63 (60/S), which gives the rod a rigid feel, but it has a "fine bend" in the middle to the hand to facilitate timing when turning the rod over, making it easier to feel the action when turning the rod over (mid-tip of the rod).

It is designed to work well with pure power hitters when turning the rod. The T/C value, which indicates the behavior of the tip, is 0.70 (60/S), an ultra-high rigidity design that embodies "no unnecessary behavior" in the head as a numerical value. Tri: Spada" is a shaft for athletes that emphasizes maneuverability and follows the golfer from the transition to impact.


- New design using PAN-based ultra-high modulus 50t carbon fiber for the entire length.

- The new design uses a 70-ton ultra-high modulus cross bias in the tip section, which is also used in the premium model.

- The overall high-rigidity design provides a dynamic feel with an emphasis on the shaft's operability.

- The ultra-high modulus fibers produce a low-torque design for improved directionality.

- The shaft is designed for pure hard-hitters who can hit the ball with their own swing power.


Model Weight Flex Torque Tip diameter Butt diameter Full Length/Tip Parallel T/C C/B
40 R2 45g R2 3.8° 8.5mm 15.1mm 1,168mm/50mm 0.70 0.63
40 R 49.0 g R 3.7° 8.5mm 15.3mm 1,168mm/50mm 0.63 0.63
40 S 49.5g S 3.7° 8.5mm 15.3mm 1,168mm/50mm 0.65 0.61
50 R 54.5g R 3.2° 8.5mm 15.3mm 1,168mm/80mm 0.75 0.63
50 S 57.5g S 3.2° 8.5mm 15.3mm 1,168mm/80mm 0.71 0.64
50 X 59g X 3.2° 8.5mm 15.4mm 1,168mm/80mm 0.67 0.64
60 S 66.5g S 2.9° 8.5mm 15.1mm 1,168mm/80mm 0.70 0.63
60 X 68.5g X 2.9° 8.5mm 15.1mm 1,168mm/80mm 0.70 0.64


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